Happy Tenth Anniversary to Mr. A


You still make me laugh like this, at least once every single day.


26 thoughts on “Happy Tenth Anniversary to Mr. A

  1. Mr. A says:

    It has been my greatest pleasure to put a smile on your face, however and whenever I can.

  2. joejoejoe says:

    Congratulations you crazy kids.

  3. Joy says:

    Congratulations! The little things like the smile are the best memories. My husband never fails to make me laugh everyday. Many more anniversaries to you.

  4. virgotex says:


  5. Elspeth R says:

    Y’all teh rawk! Congratulations! I love that pic! And classic headwear!!!
    Big ups to the Awesome A’s!!!
    Hugs and cheers to many more decades and ferrets together!

  6. liprap says:

    Mazel tov! Happy anniversary to you both!

  7. BuggyQ says:

    Happy anniversary to you both! What a lovely, lovely picture.
    p.s. Thanks for sharing her, Mr. A. You’re a very generous person.

  8. Happy Happys you krazy kids!

  9. slim says:

    Many happy returns!

  10. pansypoo says:

    i miss that. smiling.

  11. coldH2Owi says:

    Congrats. Next January, just five days before we rid ourselves of the s.o.b. Bu$hCo, my dear wife & I will celebrate 37 years together. Frankly, it really is hard to believe. Lucky for us, we both constantly forgive ourselves the fuck-ups.

  12. CrispyShot says:

    Hear, hear! Congrats to the A family! Just celebrated 18 myself, and laughter is definitely a part of it.

  13. Shayera says:

    Aw! Happy anniversary you guys!

  14. Maitri says:

    *sniff* Congratulations!

  15. spocko says:

    TKK and I have a hard time competing with a guy who makes you smile. But of course since we just want you happy we are happy for you.
    I want to see more photos of you at your wedding.

  16. St Paul E Wog says:

    A, Your eloquent rants always keep me going! Thanks and a very happy anniversary!

  17. Jude says:

    That’s wonderful. Have a great one!

  18. Tommy says:

    Geez – get a room, ya krazy kids!
    And congratulations.

  19. bdub says:

    Congrats!!! That is awesome.

  20. Dee Loralei says:

    Congrats to you both and many more to come.

  21. scout says:

    Lovely pic, Lovely couple. Congrats to both of you and may there be many more

  22. Adrastos says:

    A happy couple picture. Congratulations.

  23. wilson says:

    Congrats. Ten is important and very fine. We share the same celebration – coincides with my 26th.
    Many more happy years to you both – rock & rant on – FD is a daily reality check -thanks to you both.

  24. hoppy says:

    Congratulations! You two were a beautiful couple 10 years ago, and I’m sure that is still true.

  25. Aaaargh says:

    Happy anniversary! You guys rocked then and rock now.

  26. lb0313 says:


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