Conservative to Other Conservatives: Stop Being Such Stupid Short-Sighted Assholes

Evena stopped clock Debra Saunders is right once in a while:

The industry’s problems, of course, lend credibility to the views of people who gleefully root for newspapers to fail. I’ve met smart people who vote who happily announce that they are too busy to read a newspaper. The problem is, they don’t know what they don’t know.

Some believe that if newspapers go under, then the Internet will provide.

In the case of conservatives, they often don’t notice that those right-leaning sites, which they visit daily, provide them with fodder by linking to stories reported and written by newspaper reporters. While they are trashing newspapers, they’re reading newspaper stories and citing them to bolster their arguments. They may not notice if, over time, as newspapers downsize and even close, Web sites will be linking to fewer reliable news reports.

And if they don’t buy a paper, they won’t see that a medium, which at times got too rough with President Bush and the Republican Congress, can be just as tough on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. And when you get your news only from co-believers, as many of the left and right try to do, you miss things you need to know.

Of course, if we keep liberal newspapers alive, it’s only to show you how those city workers are screwing you, the hard-working American, out of your money:

Conservatives rooting for newspapers’ demise should be careful what they wish for. Yes, fewer reporters mean fewer biased stories about lesbian immigrants fighting an unsympathetic establishment. But there also won’t be as many stories about sanctuary city policies gone bad, the latest zany law out of San Francisco City Hall, or the growing bite that public employee pension systems are taking out of city and county services.

I’ve said it before, I’ll keep saying it: I will worry about supposedly exorbitant pension plans for people who clean the fucking streets when the last private jet is grounded because the CEO who owns it can’t afford the fuel anymore. Then we can get on to whether the people whopick up your roadkill are making a little more coin than is really necessary. Jesus tits.

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4 thoughts on “Conservative to Other Conservatives: Stop Being Such Stupid Short-Sighted Assholes

  1. Saunders of course looks DOWN on the bloggers on both the left and the right. Note how she doesn’t look UP to the people who are really behind all this stuff. Wall Street, her management. “MUST. EARN. 30 percent!” So they destroy the product so that they can get that 30 percent and as the product gets worse they wonder why.
    Wall Street is just so full of sh*t. The MBAs demanding 30 percent return under the theory that “If we make the product cheaper we will make more money!”
    And then when it doesn’t work? “Those damn Bloggers! Craig’s list! Teh Internets!”
    Actually Google, Craig’s list and Ebay are really the three that they should be looking at because they have sucked out the classified revenue that they took for granted. I watched the Newspapers ham handed methods to do classified ads and they were so stupid that they walked away from their traditional strength because they were too greedy. (Surprise!)

  2. As an example of the role of a robust press, I point at Georgia. I understand that there are ethnic groups involved so all is not as simple as Georgia vs. Russia. But in the MSM I see absolutely no analysis. I see only pictures of tanks.
    I guess the reporters are all at the Olympics. The ultimate shame is that on sports programs you can get detailed analyses from 10 different viewpoints on whether the ball should have been run or passed.

  3. Spocko’s got it about right. The very same mindset as what’s currently killing newspapers damn near finished off the book-publishing industry in the 1980s and early 1990s. It isn’t quite dead, but it’s been in the hospital for a long, long time.
    Alas, I’m very much afraid we’ll only get to the point where CEOs are grounding their aircraft because they can’t afford the fuel whennobody can afford av fuel anymore…

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