I Can Haz Job Mom?


It certainly is interesting to see the amount of attention Jerome “Swift Boat” Corsi’s new smear book, The Obama Nation, is already garnering. We wait with breathless anticipation Corsi’s multiple appearances on cable TV talking about Obama’s “unanswered questions” and anti-American attitudes, yadda yadda yadda — during which, one can rest assured, there will be no questions about Corsi’s history of ugly hatemongering at Free Republic.

In comparison, Cliff Schecter’s expose of John McCain, The Real McCain, has been given the classic media blackout treatment. There have been some brief references — like the Jon Stewart skit that discussed the “c word” story — but otherwise, Cliff’s cable appearances could be counted on one hand, as can the book’s mainstream-media reviews.

One of the things I put in all my book proposals when I was shopping this last one around was the concept of platform: That I had a way to let people know about the book already. The Internet has been great for this, for liberals especially, because otherwise, as you can see above, we’d be shut out of the conversation entirely. But it’s not enough to give “our” side of the argument credibility on the national stage, not on a level the wingnuts and slime molds like Corsi enjoy.

Even with supposed “debunking” stories, you still end up putting their book covers on TV for hours at a crack, making an issue out of what ought to be a ten second “Nixon bag man’s buttboy cashes wingnut welfare check” brief, if it’s noticed at all. Corsi’s a bestselling author, and we can talk about bulk sales all we want, everybody in America knows what “bestselling” means, and once you start explaining the scam, you’re done. We don’t like explanations. We like labels. It’s why I do like the “wingnut welfare” construct so much, it works where a long thing about the mechanics of book club orders doesn’t.

Our platform has to grow, if we’re to equal that for things that, you know, aren’tcompletely made up and motivated by insanity. And that requires old-fashioned infrastructure, investments of time and money by people whose time and money are considerable, and support not only from our own but from outside as well. There’s been a lot of chatter lately about these idiots Twittering away, because they’re claiming to be the grassroots, but ain’t none of them working day jobs. After four solid years of the blog revolution, it’s infuriating, to watch that scumbag motherfucker Corsi get the attention someone like Schecter deserves, just for getting up in the morning and signing his name.


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  1. OK, so remember that one author who was EVERYWHERE for a while, on Oprah, every morning show, etc.? Then they found out that some of the incidents in his auto-biographical book didn’t match the facts? And he was blasted as a liar by every media outlet and dragged onto TV for public humiliation? And his publisher cancelled his contract and recalled his books?
    Yeah, so why the fuck doesn’t any of that happen to Jerome Corsi?

  2. Excellent point Dorothy! IOKIYAR.
    And also, Democrats and liberals aren’t EXPECTED to lie and make inflammatory claims. The right wing authors are EXPECTED to LIE. We are held to a higher standard.
    When Corsi put out a book with lies instead of feeling bad about including lies, he just challenges the person who challenges his lies.
    THEIR infrastructure doesn’t shun him like OUR infrastructure does us if we lie. Oprah SLAMMED that guy for lying to her. She took it personally. She felt PERSONALLY betrayed because she believed in it as truthful. She didn’t expect it to be fiction for “entertainment”, her standard was, “I’ll believe you because you say it is real.” Their standard is, “I’ll support and endorse you because I want to believe, and I know that you probably have ‘bent the truth’ to get there, but that’s okay, just as long as you support our side.”
    I think that is one reason that I’m so reluctant to write a book. It’s HARD WORK to write one with our standard. I know that my standard will be the standard we on the left are held to. High quality. My other option is funny.
    If feels like those are my only two choices. With one I can get on the News Hour. With the other I can get on the Daily Show. But on the right they can put out crap that can get on hundreds of broadcast radio stations and cable news which is watched by tens of millions. And frankly I resent that. I think I resent it because the mainstream press still is pretending that lying crap is equivalent to well researched books with sources. You know how some columnists resent bloggers since they didn’t “pay their dues”? Well I resent journalists quoting liars like Corsi as if he wasn’t a partisan hack.
    On our side they expect the very serious people to write very serious books with correct facts. They expect book authors on the left to really crave those 10 readers who will actually buy the book so we can get on the News Hour and the NPR’s talk of the nation. “Yes, well done, now, have you read the complete works of Proust? No? You really must.”
    Books are the only way the MSM knows how to insert you into their “news” cycle, you gotta have a book. And if has controversy it has to be the RIGHT kind of controversy. Republican lies and criminal behavior is BORING!
    I’ve met Cliff. He is smart, funny, a hard worker and a good writer. He is the DREAM spokesperson for our side, that is why he doesn’t get much coverage. He’s too damn good. The cable people don’t want him on because he destroys the “balance” that the media is cultivating. He kicks their ass. They want liberals like Colms who they can kick around who don’t really challenge their guys.
    On our side we crave credibility not just “exposure” and a chance to “get it out there”. Getting it out their is their main goal. It’s what they are paid to do.
    You’ll note that David Brock, when he came to our side, understood this and that is why he is vigorous with his facts at Media Matters and his new books. He knows that on our side the rules are different.
    A book publisher told me that “nobody reads these political non-fiction books” but they use them to talk about the ideas inside them. I asked, “Well then why write them?”
    “So you can get publicity for the ideas so they can get talked about.”
    I said, “I’ve already did the work, got the publicity all over the world and now I have to write a status report on it?”
    “Well if you want to get work out of what you did, you have to write a book.” Those are the rules for the left. On the right you get to write a crappy book and you get PR and money and work. On the left you work hard, write a good book and you get no PR, no money and no work. GREAT arrangement! It’s amazing anyone actually writes a book in the first place!
    Why do they do it? Because on OUR side you aren’t taken seriously as a consultant unless you have the book(s).
    You know Glenn Greenwald was a New York Times Bestselling author with NO wingnut welfare. But he still didn’t get on Larry King and the front page of the NY Times. And part of that is this perverse ANTI-story that the “So Called Liberal Media” love.
    You know when my story broke I gave the media a couple of narratives to run with, depending on what they liked. Ad Trade press for lost radio ads. Tech trade press and blogs for the fair use story line. Blogs for the political story. Mainstream press had lots of story lines. Education (fair use), Celebrity: Popular Talk Radio hosts! X vs. Y., Trends: Bloggers vs. Talk Radio! Audio juicy violence! (“Listen to what they have to say about killing Bill Keller and liberals!”)
    I offered up all of these narratives that our side could run with. And that is what it took to get them to notice. But ii also was really about them striking back that got the notice by the mainstream press. And they struck back because of the money.
    If Cliff could get proof of the McCain people threatening to withhold access and withhold ADS, if they had him on, that would be a news story. But sadly the press (like cops) are actually reluctant to cover “their own” because they don’t want to expose their buddies and practices they do as well.

  3. I think that is one reason that I’m so reluctant to write a book. It’s HARD WORK to write one with our standard.
    As another person working on a long-stalled book on a contentious topic — which is to say the real reasons streetcars disappeared in North America — OH HELL YES. I know that as soon as I publish, everyone from mainstream historians looking to make (and/or secure) their bones to PR flacks at General Motors to the so-called “independent journalists” who take money from oil companies are going to be gunning for me, bigtime.
    Everyone’s mostly content to believe that streetcars disappeared because of those vague “market forces,” that it “just happened” because public transit sucks and doesn’t make any money, and so on, but no, actually, peopledestroyed the market. Of course, if I make a typo or cite from the wrong source, the sharks are going to be at my throat.
    On the left, kerning is always an issue, so to speak. Everythingelse in your argument can be truer than true, but if the right can poke one tiny hole in itanywhere, you’re automatically completely discredited and everything you say is bullshit, and you’re going to have to abject yourself on (inter)national television — and likely everyone from the known-lefty literature prof at the local cow college to prominent liberals will have to apologise for your existence, never mind what you said. Point out that Ann Coulter’s books have hundreds of factual errors, and she and the media shrug, and she laughs at you and says, “And what areyou gonna do about it?!”

  4. lol, Lol, LOL! What a joke! You loony libs are always the perfect source for a good laugh! The same people behind one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetuated – “global warming” – are the ones who say that their “high standard” of truth would make it too hard for them to write a good book. Wow, that is a textbook answer for dopey libbies…everything is always “too hard” for them. Hahaha!
    ps, a couple months back I was going to write a book about the “true story” of Barry Hussein’s relative who freed the prisoners at Auschwicz, but that turned out to not be very true after all. HAHAHA!
    oh, and double ps to interrobang, good luck on your book about streetcars, you are among the approximately 8 individuals in this country who give a crap about the topic. Have fun on your streetcar, fella!

  5. It seems important that the Corsi book was a “best seller” on the NYT list. It is likely they have someone to do bulk purchases that guarantee this placement. Democrats should do the same: make sure the Schecter is a best seller by purchasing so many copies that it gets that placement.

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