8 thoughts on “Parlor Game

  1. Oh please oh please oh please let McCain pick Lieberman.
    How many douchebags have the dishonor of being a losing VP candidate for two different presidential candidates?

  2. Jude…a Lieberman pick could be one of those careful what you wish for thingees. It would be spun as reinforcing McCain is a Maverick. Also spin it that McCain is willing to reach across the partisan divide and it won’t be same as usual dead end divided politics that Americans hate. I don’t know that most Americans realize what a douchebag Dem Lieberman really is so…

  3. I’d love for Obama to pick Sebelius, but he won’t. It’s gonna be Biden. Oh well.
    As for Huggy Bear, he wants to pick his BFF Drunky McStagger, but given that he can’t (although when have Republicans followed the Constitution to this point?), I think he’ll choose Romney. Just to be different (I kinda really think it’ll be Pawlenty).

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