21 thoughts on “Slogan Suggestions Needed

  1. McCain/Vitter ’08:
    AKA: Depends/Pampers ’08
    “Changes you can count on, keeps America drier!”
    McCain/Huckabee ’08:
    Got Bushed? All the war and twice the crazy!

  2. Col. Klink and Gomer Pyle, together at last.
    A BBQ’d Squirrel in Every Pot.
    Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Shitpile.
    Mourning in America.
    McCain/Huckabee ’08: Because Peace & Prosperity are for Pussies.

  3. Ya, we tried this over at http://tehipitetom.blogspot.com/ the best I could come up with for McCain–and I think it goes for Huckabee as well–is Old, Angry, and Out of Control. I personally also liked “Its Maverickly Delicious” (which I saw over at Obsidian Wings) which I think works for both of them because the very hint of the word “magic”, as we know, is anathema to these bible thumpers.

  4. McCain/Huckabee08
    Which one is the organ grinder and which one is the monkey?
    Appealing to the lowest, and whitest, possible common denominator.

  5. “McCain & Huckabee `cause you know its time to take away 200 years of progress.”

  6. Great suggestions people! Hysterical. Ok, sad, actually, because of the truth behind them. How about:
    “After Bush/Cheney, we may seem better!”

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