FEMA to give some of supplies back to Louisiana

Not sure what “some” isbut…

(CNN) — Some of the $85 million in hurricane relief supplies
given away as federal surplus will be sent back to Louisiana and given
to nonprofit agencies for distribution, the state’s hurricane recovery
office said Tuesday.

“Today we can report that we have been notified that some of the
surplus property has been located in Texas and will be coming to the
state of Louisiana for distribution by Unity New Orleans,” said Paul
Rainwater, the executive director of the Louisiana Recovery Authority.

A CNN investigation revealed last week that FEMA gave away the supplies
as government surplus, even though agencies like Unity — which works
to resettle hurricane victims — were still seeking the kind of
supplies given away.

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  1. The last polls I read showed the Repub candidate for President favored by about 40% of the population. The NIH needs to begin an investigation into the obvious epidemic of mental illness in American voters. Did the water cause it? Radiation from overhead electric wires? Fluoridation? Microwave ovens?

  2. Professionals ask Governor Jindal to veto unfair fluoridation bill
    Many professionals world-wide are calling on Louisiana Governor Jindal to veto a bill which would force fluoridation on almost the whole state. SB 312 was quietly pushed through the legislature by PR firms without most Louisianans knowing it was happening. The professionals are asking Jindal to use his veto in the interest of fairness. Citizens should have been part of this discussion but they were not.
    Fluoride is added to water ostensibly to reduce tooth decay but according to many professionals contacting Jindal, recent evidence indicates that fluoride poses many health dangers (NRC, 2006).
    Paul Connett, PhD, Director, Fluoride Action Network asks, “If fluoridation is a source of pride to the dental lobby why didn’t they present their case openly and allow the legislators to hear experts from both sides? The public should be fully informed about measures that could adversely affect their health. This shouldn’t be done by stealth.”
    Among professionals writing to Jindal are Dr. Kathleen Thiessen, and Dr. Robert Issacson, panel members of “Fluoride in Drinking Water” a landmark review by the National Research Council (NRC, 2006); Dr. Doug Everingham a former Australian Health Minister and Dr. Vyvyan Howard, president of the International Society of Doctors for the Environment. They are among 1700 professionals calling for an end to water fluoridation worldwide. See http://www.FluorideAlert.org
    With American Dental Association funding, the Louisiana Dental Association (LDA), hired public relations and lobbying firms to promote the fluoridation bill. The LDA boasts that they have huge access to legislators. On their website they state that their activities include “the use of staff and contract lobbyists, governmental publications, legislative reporting service, dinners for legislators, Dentists’ Day at the Legislature, and VoterVOICE!”
    Connett says, “In the interest of fairness, Governor Jindal should Veto the fluoridation bill, so that citizens can find out what fluoridation entails and allow legislators to hear the latest evidence of fluoride’s dangers. Governor Jindal has been tipped as a future leader and more than anything else people expect leaders to act fairly.”
    The Fluoride Action Network asks all concerned citizens to contact Gov. Jindal to veto SB 312 by sending an online message at http://la2.fluoridealert.org or phoning 225-342-7015 or 866-366-1121.
    SOURCE: Fluoride Action Network http://www.FluorideAction.Net

  3. Homeland Security Department and FEMA officials said they want state and local agencies to have the greatest presence when disasters strike. Representatives from both DHS and FEMA have indicated publicly that some states have weaknesses in response preparedness, but have not said publicly which ones.
    Louisiana Drug Addiction

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