Puzzling America: Oregon Edition

Let’s stop here and get a cup of..wait, what?

So, yeah. The Hungry Redneck Cafe. With espresso.

I can’t fault the food here, though. It’s in a little nowheresville called Durkee, Oregon. And the guy what runs it used to be a five-star hotel chef in LA, I think. He moved out to the desert and opened a roadside restaurant, and he can serve some damn fine food.

I’m thinking about submitting this photo to theFailblog as a sophistication fail. Whaddya think?

7 thoughts on “Puzzling America: Oregon Edition

  1. it ain’t crackerbarrel.
    if the food is good. i would stop. i ate at the redman supper club. even had a teepee. i shoulda taken a pic. next year!

  2. Very much in the spirit of a lot of joints round where I live, in my artsy hippie all mixed up cheek and jowl with the goat ranchers and cowboys.
    For the most part it’s a funky good very uniquely American mix. There’s a place in the town square where your friend can get a chicken friend steak and you can get a veggie burger with lentils on the side. And the expresso? it comes in coffee cups with pictures of buzzards on the side.
    We love our buzzards in these parts. When they aren’t working hard, cleaning up the road kill, they hang out on the light poles in front of the grocery store, or in the Post Office parking lot.

  3. I go to Podunk, OK several times a year to visit family. (That’s East of Jesus, West of Bumf*ck and North o’Hell, for all you cartographers out there.) And we drive through this town called Blanchard. They have a restaurant by the side of the state highway named “Hub and Lil’s” the sign out front says “”Hardware and Good Eats” Next line says ” Live Bait”
    Never once stopped there in some 35 years of making the trip.
    But I did date a guy from Blanchard when I was at OU and he used to say Blanchard was “the cultural center of the Universe.” Every time I see that sign I think of David “Bubba” Brooks.
    Good times.

  4. …having been down that stretch of I-84 several times, I would submit that there really isn’t much of Durkee to actually be “in”. Never stopped there, though, since I either had just got on the freeway or was soon going to get off of it at Baker City to the north…

  5. Sorta reminds me of a couple years ago when we made a trip to Denver to the wedding of a high school classmate’s daughter the first leg of a trip up the Rockies to Glacier National Park. In Montana, I was surprised to see all the little drive-up espresso bars in store parking lots. They were in tiny buildings that looked like old Photomat outlets. I was surprised, because I always thought of Montana as cowboy country, and the cowboys I was familiar with where my cousins live in Kansas would never have been caught dead drinking some foreign coffee-like beverage like espresso. So the Red Neck Cafe…with espresso…makes a weird sort of sense. I guess. I dunno, though. Seeing a pick-up truck with a full gun rack in the back window pull up to an espresso bar just seems…somehow…wrong.

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