Column: Edwards, Ad Infinitum


Boy, is John Edwards a moron. All that time he spent running for president. All that time he spent talking to Americans about the poorest people in our nation, about why and how to be responsible for them, about how he was going to help them out and in the process, make our nation better.

All that work on behalf of the downtrodden and disadvantaged. Countless hours on the Democratic primary trail, making speeches, giving interviews, running advertisements, courting voters. All that energy expended on behalf of 37 million people in America who live below the poverty line.

And all of it for nothing.

What an idiot.

If only he’d had more brains, political acumen, knowledge of national pundit culture, he could have saved himself (and his supporters) a hell of a lot of work.

He could have just slept with those 37 million poor people, and gotten them more TV face time with those two minutes of heaven than he did with two months of campaigning.


The mill towns of the Northeast, the factories of the Midwest, the farms of the American South, all starred in endless speeches that didn’t come close to meriting a breaking news graphic, a couple of cheap innuendos and a theme song. All the things Edwards stood for didn’t get a fraction of the coverage of what he lay down for, and no disappointment I feel toward him can equal the disappointment I feel toward that.


13 thoughts on “Column: Edwards, Ad Infinitum

  1. A, you ARE a Goddess of the Written Word (and Ferret care, too, but that’s a diff. issue for a diff. day)!!! I loved your article!
    Beautiful piece, I am going to send it to my cool Liberal Dad.
    Thanks for sharing your talent (as ever) w/us!

  2. When will we learn that anything done by a man, using his penis, is evil, vile, sinful, unforgivable, and of such vital interest to all of us that TV coverage of missing good looking blonde girls has to be interrupted for a breaking news report?

  3. Well said, A. And how fucking appropriate is it that the top Google ad below your piece is: “John Edwards’ Love Child? Edwards admits to affair withReille Hunter; denies paternity.“? Yeah, I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  4. the media should be ashamed of themselves. but, fucking the constitution isn’t as ratings gold as standard peccadillos.
    plus, they can take out a class warrior for the poor’s side, so it’s all good!

  5. Even with the recent news tending to make him “damaged goods”, I’ll gladly go on record saying that Edwards is a skilled orator who managed to voice his concerns. I hope that there is some suitable position in the Obama Executive branch to use his skills.
    I wonder how much of the MSM “outrage” isn’t just using his actions as an excuse to demonize him in order to stop him from exerting influence. Let’s face it, Bill Clinton’s legal use of Marijuana in England was a gigantic news story. Shrub’s coke head past and DUI wasn’t an issue.

  6. Soullite – we assume a longer time, but for the sake of the premature ejaculating rethugs, we cut it down exponentially so that they don’t feel bad…

  7. A., I think you have a really good point–after all, the GOP have been getting press attention and accolades during all their years of f***ing the poor.

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