8 thoughts on “The Contrast That Counts

  1. Somebody asked in the comments at Eschaton – “Who has more houses, McCain or Paris Hilton?”
    The McCain Parade of Homes is a disaster for him because it cuts McCain off from populist arguments and in a crapola economy a Republican with no ability to channel populism is called a loser.

  2. Here’s what I like. We knew that they’d react with Rezko, and that didn’t stop Team Obama from taking the shot. Before we’d just leave McCain’s steaming turd where it sits, but now we’re rubbing his nose in it like the bad dog he is. They return fire with Rezko, and when they do, we re-raise with Keating 5. Stay on the offensive.

  3. The homeless vet comparison is a good thing to fire back right now because McCainCo came back with yesterday? Of course, their patented “BUT HE WAS A POW. FOR FIVE YEARS HE LIVED IN A BOX.”
    See? All they can compare McCainNow to is McCainPOW. It’s sad and awful when there are thousands of homeless vets NOW living in boxes and under bridges. And they aren’t POWS. They live in the USA. Sort of.
    All the chairs, fast and hard. Over and over.

  4. Ah, yes…Barry Hussein is so much more in touch with the good ‘ol average American! This fact is evidenced by:
    — The million dollar mansion he calls home, thanks in part to Tony “need any money?” Rezko
    — The millions of dollars he’s made by selling his snooze-fest books
    — The private school his daughters attend for $20,000 per year in tuition
    So, yeah…he’s just like all my other neighbors who lived next door when I used to live on the Southwest Side of Chicago.

  5. Oh, of course! So we all must automatically give more support to Obama because his black dad ran out on the family (surprise surprise!) and he was raised by his (white) mother. Well, it is honorable that he did well in life and didn’t go the way that most males in society do when in that situation. But, I still don’t get the idea that Obama gets “more credit” because of his upbringing…as if we are supposed to institute some sort of “handicap” just because McCain came from a patriotic family of military service.
    So, let me get this straight…if one of Obama’s daughters, say 30 years from now, decides to run for president, she can’t be considered “self-made.” After all, she would have been raised by a “political mucky muck.”
    Didn’t think so.

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