5 thoughts on “Cute ASPLODEY

  1. I love the exuberance of children who really love their Daddy! 🙂 (and spouses that love their *gasp* spousal counterpart!!! We know the rethugs can’t get a handle on that – “morality” my ass)

  2. Pansypoo – I was referring to the current occupier of the WH’s drug/alcohol-addled brats that only ‘love’ daddums when he gets grammy bar to bail them out…LITERALLY.
    McPOW’s lil’ (swollen) Meghan loves daddy cause he bought her a condo w/mommy’s moohlah. The other kids are rolling in their trust fund largesse and thus are too well paid to care one way or the other…except for ‘teh brown wun’…who may someday get an ‘equal’ share…yeah, right.

  3. Those kids are utterly adorable — Sasha especially. Melted my heart watching them. “Hi, Dorado family!”

  4. That cheered me up. I always like to see love shown. Children loving father. Father loving kids. Wife loving husband. Husband loving wife. Male spouse loving male spouse. Female spouse loving female spouse. More love in the world is a good thing.
    The Republicans don’t have that, so they go with what they can get. “If they can’t love me, they can fear me. If they don’t fear me they HAVE to respect me. I’m the War President, damn it!”
    I teared up too. I’m trying to figure out why. I think it is just so sad that a little show of happiness, affection will choke me up. Probably because all day long I hear the attacks and the hate on the radio.
    Sean Hannity said that he considers it his “job” to stop Obama from being elected. I have sunk so low in my expectations that a simple display of humanity moves me.
    I think we WANT to be inspired. We WANT to “love” our President. And I think that there is that desire for love and connection that we get from being a child with a parent. And because the Presidency has been a male job till now, people often go with the typical father figure who for many can be authoritarian. But here we see a LOVING father. I don’t think that it is a zero sum game. Men can be loving. Women can be authorities. And people can contain both. The RW will use this against him, because, like the jealous people they are, they wish they had that. And if they can’t have it in their guy they don’t want anyone to have it.
    I’ll expect one of those, “How can he stand up to terrorists when he’s all lovey dovey with his wife and not strict with his kids?” In fact I’ll bet someone on rw radio is already pushing that idea. What a bunch of sad, sick, hollow people do that? Movement conservatives.

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