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Update: Van closed. Thanks to everybody for putting up with my intermittent access and for stopping by and chatting. Tomorrow: The Bidening!

Update 2: Hillary’s speech:


ps. I bet the Comedy Central bloggers (who are here, quoting from the bits of the Van I read out loud to them) $5 that the story tomorrow would be that Hillary did TOO well tonight in order to deliberatly and maliciously upstage Obama, just so those who are interested in prolonging the stupidity that is the Obama/Clinton rivalry will have something else to write about. I would so, so, so love to lose this bet.

15 thoughts on “Convention Day Two Crack Van

  1. She wore orange, an obvious dig at the Irish Catholics.
    Nice speech but she couldn’t outspeak Obama if he had laryngitis and his tongue cut out.
    And you still need to find some bitter Hillary-ites. I’m picturing the Kim Cattrell characted from Sex and the City, if she were living in Naperville.

  2. Hillary gave a superb speech, almost perfect in every way. It had to be the best of her life, and one of the best in convention history. After Deval Patrick and Gov. Schweitzer, she had a high standard to meet, but she not only met the standard, she exceeded it.
    I haven’t been even lukewarm about Hillary for many months now, but tonight I am convinced she must take a leadership role in the Senate, at least one similar to that of Teddy Kennedy. With the speaking ability she has developed during this campaign she should be a tremendous asset to Obama, speaking out on issues where we are being asked to take chances, make sacrifices, and do things differently.
    Oh, and Chelsea Clinton really rings my bell!

  3. Doughboy is already trashing her for only mentioning terrorism in passing.
    and re that bet? How’s this, from Kudlow over there?
    Whew. I’m glad McCain’s not running against Hillary. She gave a stemwinder. Sure, plenty of Democratic pap. I’ll read the transcript for details to be rebutted. Absolutely, she gave Obama a minimal endorsement. Her speech was about her, not him.

  4. I agree with hoppy on the senate issue. And she will undoubtedly take his place. Ted Kennedy made a decision early on to be a lifetime senator, but even he ran for president in 80, which I think solidified his resolve to stay a career senator. All signs currently point to this being the case with Hillary Clinton.
    The Bush family seems to be the Republican answer to the Kennedy family, but, with the exception of Teddy, the Kennedy stock isn’t as energizing as it used to be. Perhaps it’s a Generational thing. If Chelsea goes the route of her parents, she might hold the key to the next generation of Democratic “Super Candidates” (I know, I cringed at having to use that term too, but it’s late and I can’t think of a good one to put in.)

  5. Pompeo, and from everything I’ve heard from New Yorkers, Clinton has been an excellent senator, good to her constituents.

  6. I would love to see her as Senate Majority Leader. Harry Reid is a fine guy and clever in the ways of the Senate, and pretty shrewd, but he still doesn’t understand what he’s dealing with. A president elected to run the government for the corporations and only the corporations, and a play thing for the idiot neo-cons to play their fantasies and drum up some corporate business in the process. (Those billions for Iraq go to who exactly? Bingo, the Corps!!)
    Hillary did exactly what I expected of her, because that is what she does, not because she needed to or had to. And yes, Chelsea is a daughter to be proud of, poised, cool, and smart.

  7. Hillary Clinton was my Senator for a bit in NY. She’s VERY good at constituent services which aren’t ideological and is very aware of what is going on within her own state.
    I’ve been emotional about the Clintons (in opposition, not support) and I’m trying to get over it. I have to realize that a lot of those negative emotions are getting stoked in a ratfuck by the GOP so it’s better to forgive (if not forget) and keep the focus on crushing the Republican kleptocracy. Hear that Bill Kristol you douchebag? Sell your bullshit elsewhere.
    Good for HRC for kicking ass tonight and good for the Comedy Central peeps for taking a spin in the van.

  8. Of course, MoDo would. Bitch (and I use that term very judiciously, and feel that MoDo does, in fact, fit my personal definition.)
    Hillary blew me away. I got home late, and watched on Tivo with Mr. BuggyQ, who’d watched it live. He was as excited by it the second time. My sense of it was that this wasn’t just something she was doing for political expediency. She believes deeply in what she was saying. Honestly, if I’d seen more of that during the spring, I might have been tempted to vote for her.
    The speech was that good. The performance of a lifetime. More of that, and she’ll become as beloved as Teddy. And I’d love to see her leading the Senate for a long time to come.
    But barring that, a Supreme Court seat wouldn’t be a bad thing either, IMHO.

  9. p.s. I really, really wish I’d been in the Crack Van for the opening of the speech. Did y’all notice Bill mouthing, “I love you, I love you, I love you.”?
    It was adorable. The look on his face is the look I get watching Mr. BuggyQ work a room. 🙂

  10. Bill Clinton’s face did reflect extreme pride in Hillary. He was moved to tears by her eloquence as I was. Just as the keynote speech by Obama in 2004 was a turning point in his career, this speech by Hillary will be that for her.

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