So Is Life

Yeah, so I got reminded ofThe Muppet Show recently. And that made me think of Mr. Belafonte there. 

I hate to sound like a dirty fucking hippie, especially since Athenaehas that nailed down for us, but damn. C’mon, people. It is up to us. Shit’s never gonna be perfect, but the world doesn’t have to exist in a state of perma-suck. 

And, yeah, there are always gonna be assholes telling you that you’re stupid, or you’re fighting the inevitable, or you’re just too naive and eager. Well, those people can either help us or get kicked in the nuts*. So roll up your sleeves, or start buying icepacks. 

*Yes, I realize that some of those assholes don’t have nuts. In that case, find something else to kick that will hurt.

8 thoughts on “So Is Life

  1. Yeah, I’ve been OD-ing on the Muppet Show lately, trying to get my son to appreciate and not fear Dr Bunsen Honeydew. Where the hell have shows like that GONE? Thank goodness for seasons on DVD and YouTube.

  2. I adore the Muppet Show. And this is my favorite number. It was, in fact, the very first thing I ever downloaded off Napster back in the old days.
    Did you know that this was Jim Henson’s favorite piece? The Muppet players performed it at his funeral.

  3. That’s spooky–I was listening to that song on the way back from Denver last night!

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