4 thoughts on “Saturday Blogwhoring Thread

  1. After trusty local meteorologist Bob Breck said that the high pressure ridge that was supposed to push Gustav away from us may not arrive, we’ve decided to Gustavacate (you can attribute that term to me, thanks). Tomorrow morning as soon as we get the truck loaded up with what we consider the most important of our material possessions. Husband asks how many times we’ll say goodbye to our stuff. I’ve lost everything once, so am partially zen about it and mostly all WTF WTF WTF.
    I will post updates at http://vatul.net/blog/ until we leave. After that, I will send updates to Twitter – http://twitter.com/maitri – I can send tweets but cannot receive them. Feel free to follow our progress northward to the great state of Wisconsin if you’re feeling particularly bored/masochistic.
    I don’t want anything to happen to NOLA for obvious reasons but also because I don’t want her people treated like refugees within their own nation again. The hospitality and generosity of the American people are amazing things, but we’ve had enough of being looked at and treated as lesser, inferior, poor things, pariahs, los pobrecitos. Enough condescension and patronizing of us, and enough of us feeding the politics and charity-ego of others. Sorry, it just ain’t right. So I hope and pray for this storm to go elsewhere.
    Gah. Bleh. Feh. Poop. Fuck you, Gustav. And then there’s the P.J. O’Rourke quote that keeps popping up in the Web Clips section of my GMail, “Never fight an inanimate object.”
    Keep us in your thoughts.

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