RNC Primetime Crack Van

I’m gonna be at the animal shelter tonight, so you all will have to take turns at the wheel. Try to drive safely.

Posts in the van belong to their authors, not to me or Scout or Jude or any of the guests.

Update: Van closed! Thank you all for watching Joe so I didn’t have to do it alone. Skeery.


3 thoughts on “RNC Primetime Crack Van

  1. A, El, et all…
    Thanks for another entertaining van ride! Catchya on the next trip I hope!

  2. OT: Discussing the GOP convention, Newt Gingrich just said on Tavis Smiley that the performance of the Republican Governors on the Gulf Coast during Gustav “erases about 2/3” of the memory of Katrina. Newt Gingrich is a vile man.

  3. So, so sorry. Got yanked outta the van last night by family issues here in Oklahoma. We are returning to New Orleans starting today. Period.

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