3 thoughts on “Since The Political World Discovered Hockey Last Week

  1. Y’know, A, I was just telling a friend the other day that if Obama’s kids played hockey, or if Chelsea Clinton did, then hockey would suddenly be this crazy, exotic, foreign pastime. You know, they play that in Canada. And Russia! Who even understands the rules? Why, it looks suspiciously like soccer on skates, and we all know that soccer is just Communist kickball.
    But when it’s a Republican’s kids? Why, don’t you know, hockey is the bestest salt-of-the-earth thing you can do? NASCAR drivers are wusses compared to hockey players!
    The whole troupe of right-wing douchebags would be all over the cable and Sunday shows, mocking the sport. And, sure, they’d lose a couple of votes in Wisconsin, Minnesota, New England, and North Dakota. But they’d laugh and joke about howweird it is, and how you could never relate to voters in the South and West with hockey, and blah blah blah. Of course, the dipshit “journalists” would laugh along with them, because isn’t it fun when the bully starts picking on someone else’s kids?
    Sigh. Sometimes, this shit is depressing. I think I’m gonna go crawl in that jar of syrup.

  2. Thanks, A. I needed that.
    And Jude–we’re the US, and the Republicans are the USSR. We’re gonna fucking kick their asses.

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