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I thought I’d pass along this video, made by a friend of a friend, in the vein of Where the Hell is Matt. For those not aware of all Wisconsin traditions… there is one at UW-Madison football games which is pretty simple really. Between the 3rd and 4th quarters, the song Jump Around is played and everyone jumps up and down. This has become a tradition and is taken quite seriously by students. For example…A few years ago it was halted out of concerns that all that jumping would bring down da house, given that Camp Randall was undergoing some construction.This didn’t go over too well…

When the fourth quarter began and students realized they would
not be given a chance to jump around, they chanted “F-ck the sound
guy,” generously flashed their middle fingers and booed the sound
booth at a volume comparable to a Wisconsin touchdown.

Days later the university said Jump Around could return.

So here is Jump Around the World with Doug From Brazil:

8 thoughts on “Jump Around

  1. The Geology Dept. used the jumping to Jump Around at Camp Randall as an acoustic source to makeseismic measurements across campus. The experiment also proved that Jump Around was not a risk to the structural integrity of the stadium. Since this song and tradition have contributed to our fun as well as scientific growth, I submit that it be kept forever and ever. Amen.

  2. At USC (South Carolina, not that other one) the song Louie, Louie was banned for fears that it excessively swayed the upper stands.
    Don’t know what became of that.

  3. Dude. My MOM does the Jump Around. It has to stay.
    I love this video so much. My people. We wear cheese on our heads and do stuff like this.

  4. Some traditions pass into oblivion or are pushed.
    Throughout the years, various traditions have fallen to the wayside. These include the Sperm and Ova dance (done during the homecoming football game)
    Entry on Trinity University, wikipedia.

  5. I wondered if the university might have been afraid of long-term structural damage to the stadium. Nothing would make a university President cringe more than the prospect of a catastrophic structural failure killing several thousand students. I’m glad the tradition was restored, however. Those are part of the fun of being in college. It also would provide some nifty opportunities for the study of structural stresses by the civil engineering students.

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