35 thoughts on “Caption this

  1. Senator McCain Takes a Gander At the City of Sodom, Governor Palin Has a Unusual Craving for a Margarita.

  2. He does bear a strong resemblance to the guy who choose poorly, grail-wise, inIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade, about 10 seconds after he chugged the wrong grail-water.

  3. Physicists in Geneva were stunned when they were told that their new supercollider ‘s ability to find “strange energy” had been already surpassed by the hastily assembled McCain/Palin Awkwardness Supercollider.

  4. i know i’m carrying your water for the rest of this campaign, but jesus christ, this is ridiculous.

  5. so this is what princess Leia felt like with Jabba the Hutt…he smells like death and Ben Gay.

  6. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: McCain divorced his first wife for a trophy wife (rumors are he met her in a bar).
    Now seeing Palin and McCain together makes me think of the rich old sugar daddy and the young, sexy, arm candy.
    IN short, Hugh Heffner

  7. Hey, Mape, don’t be dissin’ HH. . .he actually earned his fortune, starting with a borrowed $5 grand to start Playboy. Additionally, he’s long been a strong advocate for personal rights and freedom of speech and against the hypocrasy and self-righteousness of conservativism.
    Believe me, McCain is NO Hugh Heffner.

  8. “The people that I have to sleep with to become President of the United States. . .Maybe he’ll have a heart attack if I blow him. Just gotta keep him on a leash ’til November 5th.”

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