10 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Blogwhoring Thread

  1. Would anyone in their right mind vote for Monica Goodling to be vice-president, someone a heartbeat away from being president?
    Well, Sarah Palin IS Monica Goodling.
    Just like Goodling, Palin abused her position of public trust, using her public office for personal/religious vendettas.
    Just like Goodling, Palin lied, lied, lied, while claiming to be a follower of Jesus Christ, who I really doubt is the Prince of Lies.
    Just like Goodling, Palin is unqualified to hold any government position, especially not vice-president or (God help us) president.
    Palin equals Goodling, with the same disdain for the rule of law, our Constitution, the will of our founding fathers to keep church and state separate.
    Palin equals Goodling, with all the horror this entails for the freedom-loving women of our nation.

  2. Spork, honey, you gotta get plugged in to Twitter. That’s what gets you the good stuff these days. Problem is, it also gives you the attention span of a gnat.

  3. I’m plugged-in to Twitter. I just rarely check it.
    So, I guess I’m not all that plugged in to Twitter.
    Anyway, “tweeting” someone sounds naughty.

  4. twitter or tweaker?
    i got the usual, with added political goodness. a brilliant IOKIYAR stolen from DU. and the random benham quotes have been timely.

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