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  1. Currently in the car: James Brown’s JBs.
    Up next: A Vaughan Williams Hymnal, followed by Jimmy Smith live.

  2. I wish “alternative” music wasn’t categorized as such. It just seems like it encompasses a huge category known as “non-corporate” that is only increasing in size as alternative ways of getting the music out that are not radio stations and sales of CDs and megatours in arenas across the globe.
    In my head a lot: Paste Magazine’s Sampler CD from issue #15. First issue of their magazine I ever got, and I still keep coming back to these songs.
    Love listening to WWOZ here in NOLA, and I loved WFUV in NYC when I lived in Queens.
    Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings ENTIRE catalog kicks ass and takes names. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe how good that music is.
    The Hot 8 Brass Band needs to make more albums, though I understand why they haven’t been in the current musical climate of my city. Time making music in a studio these days is time spent away from more lucrative and immediate money from regular gigs.
    I can’t keep going like this. Gonna run out and get the new Theresa Andersson album and another by the Happy Talk band – both local faves – if I keep on about music. Must…cut…myself…OFF!!!!!!!

  3. Nothing but classical. My local station for that is KXPR, and my car radio has only rarely been moved from there.

  4. i think what i don’t listen to can be quantified. NO COUNTRY! no rap, no top 40. no baby boomer stuff unless i really like it.
    country blue, opera, classical, andrew bird, inkspots, i NEED to get some louis prima…

  5. Punk, disco, techno, Israeli Top 40, 1930s acoustic blues, 1940s swing, 1950s R&B (the kind that has “white” cover versions), 1960s-70s rock, Desmond Dekker, Bollywood sountracks and Pakistani pop, German industrial, a little bit of hip-hop (I’m partial to Hadag Nakhash), 1980s metal, stuff which roughly fits into the same genre as Nine Inch Nails, whatever that is, grunge, Ofra Haza, alternative, queercore, dub, a little bit of classical, and various and sundry other odds and sods.
    Weird enough forya? 🙂

  6. I did post this with the YouTube links but it got marked at comment Spam. Here it is without the links.
    Mostly female vocalists. Current favorites seem to be songs featuring numbers and flavors. Hmmmm.
    Feist: check out her 1234 song on Sesame Street
    The Pipettes: (ABC 123 song and Pull Shapes;
    Garbage: Cherry Lips
    Alizee-I’m Not Twenty IN French
    And of course Kate Pierson of B-52s fame singing and dancing in “Shiny Happy People” and REM
    “Candy” with Iggy Pop
    Dig her gloves and the hair. I love her voice. And in this video Roam.
    Notice how she smiles. I need to see people smiling dancing and singing. Life under Bush is just so damn sad. I used to be a gd laugh riot. Thanks Republicans!

  7. It’s all good – except for the licensed shit they play at republican events. I guess I mainly like hipster jazz and rock stuff – Donald Fagan and Walter Becker are my musical heroes, because they taught me to love jazz, but I appreciate everything from Hank to Hendrix. Speaking of music I listen to, I’m looking forward to a lost weekend at ACL fest in two weeks- who cares if I’m the oldest geezer there.

  8. Can’t make myself listen to rap or “Christian rock” or “Christian country / pop” but other than that, pretty much anything, including gospel (when it’s good).

  9. Anything and everything…back when I was hitting that point in my early ’40’s, I shared an office with a young UNIX admin who shared my love for music and expanded my taste and range considerably with his unique library. I came to consider him my brighter, more talented younger brother and one of his off-the-cuff statements became my mantra.
    “All music is good…and some of it is great.”
    Thanks, Nathan.

  10. …my teens have been disturbed for some time now that I actually can name some groups and titles just on hearing songs that are staples to their top-secret decoder-ring teenage world. Although my upbringing leads me to listen more to country/western than anything else, I also have a large and eclectic collection of jazz, blues, and bluegrass CD’s and I will listen to just about anything but rap…
    Woan du Rap.
    On the other hand, I turned my 15 Y.O. onto the Beach Boys and Beatles several years ago and am currently threatening to buy a plane ticket so I can fly across the country to the exotic Southern city where my 19 Y.O. is attending college to get my Sinatra CD’s back.
    The only reason that I haven’t pulled the trigger on that threat is because she did leave me the Patsy Cline discs…

  11. On the playlist today: Amazing Royal Crowns, Anthrax(old), Beastie Boys (Pauls boutique/Ill Communication), Billie Holiday, Bobby Conn, Cheap trick, Circle Jerks, Citizen Cope, Danzig, The Datsuns, Day Glo Abortions, Dead Kennedys, The Delfonics, The Dwarves, Elbow, ELO, Faith No More, James Brown, Katharine Whalen, Leonard Cohen, Macy Gray, Mclusky, Neil Diamond, The Pixies, Queen, Ramones, Scissor Sisters, Sepultura, Seu Jorge, SOD, T. Rex, Tom Waits, The Vines, 7 Seconds of Love.
    So yah. That.

  12. Confession time – I’m a prog-rock person.
    Yes, ELP, Triumvirat, Camel, Crack The Sky, U.K., Trillion, Kayak, Starcastle, (but oddly enough, not Genesis or King Crimson), Spock’s Beard, Gentle Giant, alla them.
    Non-prog: Baroque classical, Queen, Deep Purple, Sparks, Bela Fleck y los Flecktones, Chieftains, House Of Lords, Tomita, Enya, and (in small doses) Dream Theater.
    There. I’ve said it, and I’m *glad*!!

  13. I ride my bike to Enya or Abba–both have pretty good cadences to ride to. I have everything either of them did (all the way to “Put On Your White Sombrero” by Abba. Yes, I admit it. I’m not proud.)
    Beyond that, it’s everything. Big fan of B-52s, Indigo Girls, and a lot of 80’s pop (it’s the music of my high school years–can’t get away from it). Equally big fan of Mozart (Geza Anda’s versions of the piano concertos in particular), opera (anything Renata Tebaldi ever did), barbershop (women’s, especially Panache and Rumors), and the incomparable Ella Fitzgerald (I particularly love the Harold Arlen songbook, and the duets with Louis Armstrong).
    There’s not much I won’t listen to (even some country is good–Mary Chapin Carpenter, for example; and even rap–I really like Queen Latifah).
    I will say this–our local public radio station plays what they call “diverse music,” which I have come to think means “1 song in 10 worth listening to.” Lots of weird acoustic stuff, world music, twangy country folk hybrids. Sheesh. It’s a good thing I like their NPR stuff.

  14. I enjoy a heckuva mix of music. The bulk of my fave stuff is classic alternative from the 80s. But I can go from music of Henry VIII’s time to techno. I do adore good harpsichord – either it’s a past life memory or too much Addams Family t.v. show (Lurch at the keys)…

  15. Various styles/decades of rock, metal, prog, hip-hop(“rap” is something you do, hip-hop is something you live), jam band, various types of jazz, ambient(mostly Eno), reggae, 60s-70s r&b/Motown/soul, people who aren’t easily pigeon-holed like Tom Waits & Johnny Cash.
    I don’t do most country/western, most pop(especially 2000s alt-rock), 80s alt(depending), Euro/Brit pop, R&B from the 80s and up.

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