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New posts begin after this one: Four years is, to me, a long time to be doing anything. Occasionally I get curious, because blogworld moves even faster than newspaper-world does, and what happened last week seems like years ago: What happened last year, what were we talking about at this time four, three, two, one years ago?

From 2004:

Coburn has advocated the death penalty for abortionists, and said the state was not attracting business because of some undefined “crapheads” blocking it in Oklahoma City.

From 2005:

They’ve handed it to you, with their Evil Eleven, Republicans all. Republican Jesus, indeed: Screw the meek. Screw the poor. Screw the helpless. Screw the elderly. Screw the starving. Screw their homes. Screw their jobs. Screw their children. Screw their pets. Let them rot. Let them perish of thirst, surrounded by water. Let them die alone in a dark and flooded nursing home, clinging to their wheelchairs, trapped in hospital beds, stranded on rooftops in the thick New Orleans heat. And don’t dare ask why it was done. Don’t dare ask the question. Don’t dare look this horror in the face. Don’t dare let the faces of the dead haunt your feeble dreams late into the night. Don’t dare allow a second’s daylight into the dark week when you let a city die. Screw the meek.

From 2006:

I admit to having a soft spot for St. Bernard Parish and I’m not really sure why. Perhaps because it is was so quintessentially American and now, since often forgotten, it is also a story of a classic American underdog. Do forgive me for invoking the one movie guaranteed to make men cry but I feel like the Gayle Sayers character in “Brian Song” who says…”I loveBrian Piccolo St. Bernard Parish. And I’d like all of you to lovehim them too.

Or perhaps it is because I hate incomplete stories. If we are to have an understanding of the complete picture of Katrina and the federal flood we must remember places like Chalmette, Arabi, St. Bernard, Lakeview, New Orleans East, Gentilly and on and on.

This has been a tragedy of unbelievable proportion. Telling the story of St. Bernard Parish is one way to make people aware of that and the fact that it is not over.

From 2007:

They keep thinking that if what they do is, they go out there and denounce MoveOn, and that’ll make it okay, right? That’ll prove to the world that they’re better than somebody else and that’s enough, right? That’s enough to get them into the club, get them on the letterhead, get them to pet you a bit before sticking it in. That’s enough. It would be sad if it wasn’t so destructive, if it wasn’t so insidious, and you know, I feel bad for you the first time you lie to yourself enough to convince yourself somebody odious loves you. Around the 243rd time, I stop getting involved because honestly, at that point, there’s nothing I could say you can’t rationalize away.


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