Following up on the post below (no, not the ferrets, the one below that) I no longerbelieve this kind of thing. I don’t believe she can’t have a press conference. I believe she doesn’t want to, or think she has to, but that shecan’t? George W. Bush can, and he’s so dumb you could smack him in the face with a bag of nickels and he’d just look at you. Come on.

I believe she’d be a so-so debater, because … I mean, it’s possible, but I don’t believe this is anything other than ramping down expectations for her debate, just the way McCain is doing for his. I am being deliberately pessimistic today. She was elected governor of Alaska, she clearly knows how to campaign, she’s a grownup, and this is just more bullshit from a campaign that’s elevated bullshitting into the kind of abstract art that hurts my head.

I am willing, as always, to be proven wrong, and I do so hope I am. I hope she gets up there and sucks her thumb for an hour and a half. I hope she really does boycott her own debate. I hope she really does get eaten alive by Joey the Shark. But … I mean, is it me or does this seem like just a little too much?


8 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. A – are you gonna fire up the van tonight?
    I think Palin is going to prove to be the gift that keeps on giving. They chose her for blatently political, cynical reasons, and now it’s starting to bite them in their pasty thug asses. She’s going to continue to bumble, flap and belch boilerplate non-sequitors at any instance where she’s not totally scripted. And her record and history is going under increasingly exacting scrutiny, and there’s a lot of slime under those rocks…

  2. The one thing about all of this that I find reassuring is just how far they’re having to lower the bar for her.
    If this is, in fact, bullshit (and I certainly believe it is at least to a point), why are they going so far? Because even if she isn’t as bad as they’re saying she is, she’s still BAD. The Katie Couric interview proved it–those weren’t tough questions, and she looked pathetic.
    It’s like they’re doing this bizarre reverse-limbo–“Can we possibly lower the bar enough for her to come out of this looking good?”

  3. I don’t know. Did anyone else happen to catch The Daily Show’s take on Biden’s stump appearances the other night? He’s still gaffe-a-riffic.

  4. I don’t know, A. You’ve seen the Couric tapes, right? She couldn’t come up with halfway coherent answers to entirely predictable questions, including being called on the “Russian neighbor” question. Either A) she’s really that incompetent/stupid or B) her horrible performance was staged to lower expectations. There’s no other explanation, and it’s highly unlikely that any campaign would have their VP purposefully act like a buffoon just so she can burst onto the stage in the debate and blow everyone away.
    She’s being over-managed. When she ran for mayor and governor she was the one in control. She came up with her own campaign theme and emphasized her own attributes suitable for running a state election. When McCain initially introduced her to the national stage they tried to mold her into mini-Maverick, and while that facade might have tricked a state population of 680,000, it has quickly crumbled under the weight of a Presidential campaign.
    The campaign dragged her back out of the spotlight and inflated her full of campaign talking points, many of which conflict with her own views and beliefs. As a result, she can’t just be herself (or the public persona she created in Alaska). She has to follow the McCain campaign script, which is easy when you’re just giving stump speeches, but it’s an entirely different ability to respond to lie or spin your way out of unexpected questions when you haven’t properly internalized all the right responses. Her reflexes tell her to say one thing, the campaign demands another. You can almost see the two conflicting trains of thought colliding on their way out her lips, resulting in a mishmash of repetitive of conflicting gibberish. Watch the response to Couric over the “Russian neighbor” question again. You can tell she wants to just laugh it off as a misfired joke, but while that might have worked a couple weeks ago the campaign doubled down and made it an official line, and she ends up choking on it.
    To simplify, Sarah Palin has spent her political career playing Sarah Palin(tm). It was a role she was comfortable with and perfectly suited to small-state politics in Alaska: guns, god, and oil. Now she’s been handed a much larger script and has been pushed onto a much bigger stage. From a bit-player in a high school performance to the lead in a Broadway Musical.
    A bit long, but you did ask. 🙂

  5. …I just read that Kos diary a little while ago and started thinking to myself that maybe…just maybe…all this supposed insider hand-wringing was starting to look just a little bittoo contrived. What I can’t decide is whether we’re witnessing the king hell Mother Of All Expectation-Lowering Exercises or whether I’ve slipped over the edge into the dark, grimly hysterical world of conspiracy theorists and am in desperate need of professional help…

  6. It’s you. Have you ever followed an Alaskan campaign? I lived there for 6 years, and you could successfully run a lemur if it pretended to be anti-corruption, anti-establishment.
    Not a whole lot of invasive press up there.

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