Gushy Gush Post of Gushing

You know how the Rude Pundit does this thing where he lists all the ways in which he wouldn’t fuck Ann Coulter? Replace “Ann Coulter” in all those scenarios with “O’Hare Airport” and you’d have my day today. Or is it tomorrow? I dunno, after an hour and a half on the runway waiting to take off I said screw it, started ordering drinks.

(Best location for a Starbucks EVER: Next to the baggage claim at the airport. Also, never again am I flying out of that fucking zoo. Midway or no way, bitches!)

(I haven’t really slept in a couple days.)

I’m just gonna do the squishy part of the post-mortem early, get it out of the way, make room for the serious and the snarky. Do read on, though, for a list of 22 of the thousands of things, in no particular order, about this weekend that were completely awesome:

1. Noblejoanie, the world’s best roommate.

2. Seeing the Star Wars exhibit at the Franklin with Spocko, the original sci-fi fan.

3. Spocko in general.

4.Whiskey Ina’s sweet, soulful voice singing to us all and Feral Liberal starting up a chorus of whistling along with her.

5. Feral Liberal’s bootlegging operation, especially the pear wine. Everybody speak easy.

6.Filkertom singing “I’d rather shave my eyeballs than do tech support for Dad.”

7. Watching the bartender, during the “I wouldn’t fuck Ann Coulter” routine, looking at us with horror and then, as the Rude Pundit crescendo’ed to “I wouldn’t fuck Ann Coulter with Tom DeLay’s exterminating equipment,” double over laughing his ass off.

8. Boyfriend poured a stiff drink, too. I don’tremember reciting the St. Crispin’s Day speech, but if I did, it was his fault.

9. Meeting a couple of my blog heroines, Julia andTeresa Nielsen Hayden, and talking about the 4chan.orgScientology protests and fandom and all that is awesome and weird about the Internet.

10. Chris Dodd for President stickers, courtesy ofthis delightful man.

11. The EschaCon cake. The cake was REAL.

12. Finally getting a chance to talk to Atrios, and being able to come up with nothing more creative than, “Did you ever think there’d be cake named after the blog?”

13. Sinfonian, Spork and Racy talkin’ about another NOLA trip.

14. Molly Ivors’ awesome haircut.

15. Hecate. Knitting.

16. Flory and Sidhra trash-talking about hockey at the bar.

17. A mother explaining to her child that “DFH” meant “Dirty FUNNY hippie,” really.

18. Paul Krugman’s completely convincing imitation of remembering we’d met before. It was so sweet of him.


20. All the work done to make sure everybody had an awesome time.

21. Watertiger’s “healthy balls.”

22. Everybody who came out to say hi, listen to the media panel, and pick up books. Seriously, cannot thank you enough.

Okay, must sleep now. Further posting, with lolcats, during daylight.


15 thoughts on “Gushy Gush Post of Gushing

  1. Woohoo! Another trip to New Orleans? When when when? Inquiring minds who live here wanna know!!!
    Sounds like a great great time you had, minus the airport crapola.

  2. Ahhh, beautiful lady. Too kind. Meeting you was fantastic, and I’m so glad you liked my stuff. Next year in Philly!

  3. I must be a Dirty Funny Hippie. (There’s a band name, or a blog name, in there somewhere…)

  4. 2. Seeing the Star Wars exhibit at the Franklin with Spocko, the original sci-fi fan.
    3. Spocko in general.

    [angryface] [angryface] [punch3] [wookie]

  5. You know, if you took the Capitol Limited to Pittsburgh, then switched to the Pennsylvanian, it would only be about 17-18 hours. Considering that O’Hare always seems to find a way to get worse, Amtrak might even bequicker one of these days.

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