More Insanity, But Of The Non-Religious Variety

Yeah, he spent too much time with that shaker over North America.

Wow. Wanna peer into utter insanity?

Look here.

But be warned! It’s far, far worse than Free Republic, even. Really, it’s stunning that these people have mastered brain stem activity. That they can type seems miraculous.

And thank theRude Pundit for wading into this sewer and shining a light.

9 thoughts on “More Insanity, But Of The Non-Religious Variety

  1. I think I made myself dumber by reading those comments, but the feeling is probably because I don’t speak hate.

  2. CNN had some video of a guy who put a sign in his yard calling Obama a “half breed muslin”, but it seems to have been removed. I would have said the story was made out of whole cloth if I hadn’t seen it myself.

  3. But half breed muslins have strong moral ‘fabric’! 😉 Though, I have heard they can be ‘sew and sews’… I don’t know if I can ‘cotton’ to an HBM, this may deserve its own ‘thread’.
    Okay, okay – I’ll stop.

  4. Unfortunately, the guy who is strongly instrumental in VNN has moved into a Northeast Missouri town and proclaimed that he was gonna turn it into a stronghold for his beliefs, get white supremists to move into town, etc.
    Fortunately, that part seems to have fizzled. But Oy Vay.
    BTW – don’t forget that the guy who blew up Oklahoma city spent a lot of time with paramilitary groups in the region.

  5. Okay, I now feel defiled by having waded through that comments thread. Anti-semitism, racism, false sense of victimization, just ugly, ugly shit.
    The Far Side Cartoon was cool, though.

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