First as Tragedy, Then as Farce


So, tonightGovernor Palin gets a first last-chance to convince the electorate–or at least the pundits–that she’s the equal of Dan Quayle; in other words, the bar hasn’t been set so low you’d need a micrometer to measure as much as it’s been hammered/buried into the ground. Spelling “potato” correctly would make Tweety swoon.

My single prediction: if Palin doesn’t utterly embarrass herself–and there’s a reasonable chance she won’t–look for Matthews and his ilk to declare her “the winner.” Because that’s the pretzel logic under which they, for lack of a better term, function.

Meanwhile, the more I think aboutJohn McCain’s visit with the editorial board of the Des Moines Register, the more I feel that he displayed all the charm of a habitual criminal in an interrogation room. You could almost sense his“I’d snap your head off if I felt like it” attitude, and his dictator “joke” wasn’t really designed to elicit laughs as much as, well, scare the shit out of his questioners. You almost wonder if he wasn’t having a flashback at times.


But what’s really astonishing is, despite this pathetic andvery public meltdown, some 40 percent or more of the public STILL expresses public support for the GOP ticket…that number will presumably remain steady, and might even rise a bit…or more than a bit, if the proper fear can be engineered into the voting public (though the economic crisis seems to have thrown a monkey wrench into any attempts by Team Bush ratfuckers to ply their trade.)

In other words, 40 percent–or more–of the voting public doesn’t have a problem with a sequel–on steroids–to the previous eight years. Eight years that have brought us to the precipice of economic collapse…

Aside: I’m not particularly thrilled by the bailout legislation, but likeKrugman, Obama, and others, I reluctantly support it. However, a fair number of people in the GOP caucus seem comfortable with the potential of a SEVERE recession–or worse–in order to maintain the fiction of ideolgical purity (as if there IS such a thing as a ‘free market’ these days.)

Fortunately, it seems as if the race is trending towards Obama, and let’s hope like hell this continues. Assuming it does, I get the feeling that McCain will have an even bigger public meltdown…and, as for Sarah Palin, well, I don’t give a damn how much coaching the provide and how many facts they manage to cram into her head to lend appearance if not gravitas: she’s no Dan Quayle.

What else needs to be said?

8 thoughts on “First as Tragedy, Then as Farce

  1. Nothing like low expectations. (and I thought the Repubs were gonna hold everyone to high expectations like NCLB).
    BTW – I love the photoshop, but the “Carolina” is way too visible on the sash

  2. Look, after EIGHT YEARS of who-could-miss-this evidence, one out of every five Americans still think that Georgie’s doin a heckuva job. Now, sure, some of those people are actually way better off now. But the rest? What’s their excuse? All I can think is that God told so.

  3. i refer to mccain’s time with the des moines register editorial board as the get-off-my-lawn! interview.

  4. Yeah, I’d thought about dumping the “Carolina” from the sash, but decided to keep it there, just to make the reference as clear/plain as possible.
    And the head looks a little odd because I’m using an old version–to be truthful, I don’t know if a newer Photoshop would rotate on a virtual 3rd dimension axis…it’d be nice if it did.
    Anyway–what’s frustrating is the low-like-the-Titanic expectations re: Palin, going into tonight’s forum. Media talking heads could inject some life into the deservedly rotting corpse of the McCain campaign with effusive praise for someone who’s already proven a lack of qualification beyond reasonable doubt.

  5. Micheal, never ever ever forget what motivates the pundits and media talking asses when it comes to this: They NEED their horserace.
    It is their lazy, easy way of doing this – and they know of no other. Seriously covering serious things to just too much serious-y for them. Must have the horserace.
    It the horserace is fading because one side is imploding and an insult to all thinking citizens, then they will find a way to revitalize their horserace. If that mean heaping effusive praise on someone so clearly unqualified my cats have determined it, then that is what they will do. Needs be, as it were.

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