Friday Ferretblogging

I lost the camera batteries, so for a while we had no new ferret footage. Woe. Luckily we located them about a foot from where I’d been searching for days, and thus we can present this incredibly rare and valuable freaky dingo b-roll for your edification. It kind of reminds me of last night’s debate.


5 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging

  1. I have one of those reusable cloth supermarket bags and I absentmindedly slung both handles on the back of a chair.
    Instant bed.

  2. mdh, awesome.
    I have these folding chair covers and when the chair is folded up, the cloth cover makes a sling. I figured this out after spending an hour frantically searching for Puck everywhere, only to find him when he woke up and rocketed out of the brand-new hididng place.
    EVERYTHING is a toy.

  3. I went through a horrible hour and a half last week after we had an electrician over to repair a receptacle that blew. Mr. BuggyQ had an appointment, so we had to leave the guy there, and after I got home, I couldn’t find our Quin. Anywhere. I flew around the house, getting increasingly frantic, till I finally looked under the bed the FOURTH time, and found her wedged up in the corner where you couldn’t see her unless you were right on top of her.
    Boy, did she ever get love after I coaxed her out.

  4. sadly my cats don’t get much bad fun. try to keep plastic bags away. nothing more destructive than a freaked cat with a bag stuck on their neck.

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