Crack Van Recap

Thanks to Leinie and Virgotex for saving transcripts. I’m having some kind of technical argument with the crack van of late. Mercifully, you’re all here for me.

First, the Palin Translations:

Athenae: I believe in stuff and things and words and mavericky mavericks and unicorns and don’t you want a shiny cotten candy flippy hair omg ponies!

suspect-device: I want to assure the american people that John McCain and I are going to fight hard and hit em again and go for the rebound! We’ll BEAT Parkside high!

outrage_broken: LALALALALA

The love for Joey:

virgotex: BAMA

locus: get up

BuggyQ: GET UPPPPP!!!!

outrage_broken: GETUP


HoneyBearKelly: I grew up in East Harlem. When we had somebody down we stepped on their throat.

Doc6331: FUCK YEAH

spork_incident: Get up!

ServingPatriot: WAY TO GO JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BuggyQ: Biden rocked this. Fucking rocked it.

dreamweaver3238: THAT IS HOW YOU WRAP IT UP

sent sound: bear-grizzly

And the postgame reviews of the reviewers:

theo.: get ready for tweety to cream

leinie: Jeebus. brokaw is the next up? Can they get him dried out by then?

Roadmaster: NPR – Palin “constantly colloquial.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Doc6331: Road: Translation FUCKING HICK

BuggyQ: The best they can say, “Well, it wasn’t a car wreck.”

thomas_w: It’s the “I am so drunk” edition of hardball!


13 thoughts on “Crack Van Recap

  1. …just an amazing nite. We Crack Vanners can’t thank you folks enough for providing a space to share where we can watch and vent about the ongoing train wreck that the American ‘democratic’ process has become. Without this outlet, many of us would be faced with having only the singular lonely crazed impulse to put a a couple of rounds through the old telly when we couldn’t take it any more…

  2. I turned on the TV, but every channel had SNL on, so I just sat there laughing at the hijinks. When is the real debate on?

  3. CNN debate poll – Biden by 15 points, CBS debate poll – Biden by 25 points.

  4. Spocko was having some problems with the live comments… is there a known issue with it and Vista (his OS)? Just what ARE you using? Maybe I can help him troubleshoot… thanks!

  5. That crack van was lightspeed. I could barely keep up with it.
    Dave, I’m using Vista and never been disconnected. I don’t think it’s that.

  6. Wow! Made the recap!
    I didn’t even think my contributions were all that funny or insightful. Thanks for the shoutout.
    BTW, looking back I thought Biden should have repeated the “get up” a few times. He really used the repetitions well in other responses (i.e. “I haven’t heard…”).
    Since it was during his closer, he could have really brought the house down.

  7. Hell to the yeah on the polls, joejoejoe! Biden really did rock it. I talked with Mr. BuggyQ about it after he got home, and we watched a little bit of it, FFWding through the most egregious Palin bits. What struck me about Biden on the second viewing was how appealing he really was. That million dollar smile, the language, even the more passionate moments, were all surprisingly warm.
    I had worried that Palin might come across as adorable (“PIEWPIEWPEIW!”), but I think she overplayed the winking thing. My sense of the whole thing was that both candidates reinforced most of the positives about them, but I think Biden did more to overcome any of the negatives people might have had. Palin didn’t screw up, but she just wasn’t good enough to overcome her already-established image as an uninformed airhead who got where she did on her looks.

  8. Hey, I just read Dana Milbank. He must’ve been secretly reading the Crack Van, because he stole my “she didn’t drool” line. Bastard.

  9. Thanks for the Van. As commented above, the comments were coming so fast that I couldn’t speed read fast enough.
    I really wish Biden had called Palin on her constantly saying that this isn’t the time to place blame – as this was obviously the kid caught with the broken cookie jar saying, “but Mom, let’s not place blame but pick up from here” with a hint of Palin still blaming the Dems from time to time.
    But I still can’t get over her comment that she has never had to compromise because in Alaska they always found a way of working together. So doesn’t that imply that they’ve always done it **HER** way??????
    I’m still flabbergasted!

  10. Buggy, “she didn’t drool” must have been in the collective consciousness or something. I think I posted it here yesterday before the debate to describe how they had lowered the bar to underground, and unless she drooled, she’d clear it.
    No way I would have survived that without all of you. I almost had to turn it off a couple of times.
    That folksie shit of hers got ON MY LAST NERVE. I grew up in North Dakota. You have to be from Wyoming to have a smaller population that ND. Plenty of “down home” “main street” “regular people” “non East Coast Elites” there. THEY DON’T TALK LIKE THAT. They don’t SOUND LIKE THAT. It was fake, and phony, and came across as a put upon shtick that got thicker the farther in over her head she got.
    I’m insulted she’d think that me, or any of my former neighbors in ND, would be swayed by that instead of feel mocked or insulted.
    I swear, it’s like they made her watch Andy Griffith Show reruns as part of her prep.

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