Speaking of Racists

Kos diary:

The shocked look on McCain’s face yesterday when that person in the crowd yelled he’s “a terrorist” said it all. He recoiled as if he never expected to hear something like that. It was the look of a guy who just realized that he might have just gone to a dark place he didn’t want to go to.

In the comments there’s the usual calls for Republicans and for McCain and Palin to disavow the growing tone of violence, and I don’t disagree that they should if for no other reason than maybe the slavering hordes would actually listen and anything that chills these people the fuck out is necessary in my book. From a practical standpoint, please throw a bucket of cold water on these nutjobs. Cold water with some quaaludes in it.

From a standpoint of political strategy, though? From the point of view of denouncing this stuff as a way to appeal to moderates and independents? Um, no. THEY DON’T GET TO DISAVOW IT. Not this time. Not anymore. They don’t get to step back and say, whoa, what the, we don’t mean this, forget that shit, no, no, not us, I was just holding this white robe for a friend, Officer. They have been counting on this crap to get elected for years. They have been holding hands with these regressive freaks for YEARS, all the while pretending they were moderates, and so long as they mouthed platitudes about supporting situational and economic and coded racism but not outright calling anybody the n-word, it was all okay, and Chris Matthews could continue to yank his junk to John McCain’s biography without feeling any ickier than he does on any day ending in Y.

It’s not even that I have some confidence they’ll come out and call for people to act like grownups. I don’t think they will. Not if they truly want to win this election: It’s all they’ve got left and you wanna bet they’ll shovel it out in cubic tons in the next four weeks? I don’t care if they say to our faces that they don’t agree, or don’t support, or don’t even KNOW what’s going on behind the curtains. It defies credulity. You cannot say, in 2008, that you do not know that this is a party elected in nearly every case by appeals to racism, coded or not.

You cannot say, in 20fucking08, that you didn’t think losing to a black dude is gonna cause the freaks you’ve been keeping in cages in your basement to chew right through the bars. You don’t get to stand there in your living room as they smash furniture and crockery and say you didn’t know they were there. You went down there every day to feed them raw steak, whiskey, and crystal meth. You heard them growling. You knew. You fucking knew. You can say you don’t support what they do, but you’re the one who kept them on your property. You don’t get to disavow SHIT. Not anymore.


11 thoughts on “Speaking of Racists

  1. here in east tennessee where we try to play football without a quarterback these days, many many fans wish we had a black quarterback because in these fans “minds” those guys can make things happen when everything is breaking down. uhhm? would that line of “reasoning” hold true in todays political arena, i have often asked. alas, no we are just too afraid of obama they say to my face. but they just can’t seem to put a handle on why they feel that way. could it be because he’s black, i ask. of course no answer is ever given to my face and while these rednecks slink off to check out fox noise on the internet, i remind them that obama is just as much white as he black. again my revelations are met with stone cold silence.

  2. And frankly, if McCain really did look “shocked”, why assume that it was because he didn’t believe that his people would go that far? Why not assume that he was scared that this was being recorded and would be played back and used against him later?
    I give him the credit of believing that he knows what he’s stirring up, that he’s not just making random noises for the sake of hearing himself talk. I give him the credit of believing that he’s heard his advisors tell him that stirring up the ugliest of ugly racial animus is the only way he’s going to win what he wants more than anything in the world, and that this is why he’s playing this game.
    No, he doesn’t get to disavow it. He doesn’t get to pretend that he didn’t know, that he couldn’t have imagined that he was throwing this match into a swimming pool full of gasoline, gasoline that he had himself painstakingly poured into the swimming pool in the first place. He knows what he did, and now it’s all his, all his responsibility, all his doing, and he gets to live with it.
    If he ever had any honor, he has none left.

  3. Damn, A, you’re beautiful when you’re angry.
    That Chris Matthews line alone is worth the price of admission.
    If there was a price of admission.

  4. I want them to disavow it and tell their supporters to back the fuck up before causing my next president to get hurt or worse. Idiots.

  5. A, it looks like we need Malcolm Reynolds and River Tam to get to Miranda, then get Mr. Universe to send out a flashwave.
    The Republicans created the Reavers; everyone must know.
    Yeah, I’m a dork.

  6. I think we need to make the downstate candidates suffer for the nasty ads and hate-mongering. If we all called and emailed the Repub candidates for Senate, House, and state offices objecting to their party’s actions, maybe we could get some of them to lash back at McCain. I’m not expecting great results, though – the Republican Party really has become a safe haven for people with personality disorders.

  7. Shocked, my rosy red ass. I’m sorry, but I don’t believe he could possibly have been shocked to “find out” that he’s been cozying up to the crazies — I know a lot of people don’t think McCain’s too bright or even in his right mind, but no way anyone aware enough to find the kitchen door in the morning could have missed that bit of information for this long.
    And shame on me, but I can’t even really believe, deep inside, that he would care.

  8. Hi Athenae. Sullivan brought up a good point – did anyonethink Rabin was going to be assassinated? We need to make sure everyone knows what kind of evil the right is stoking at the moment and make sure they know they will be remembered for it. What they are doing is dangerous.

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