Weekend Question Thread

What talent do you wish you had, that you don’t have?

I am not musical. At all. I cannot sing, I took piano lessons for years and never got better than mediocre, even with hours of torturous practicing. I like music a lot, but I can’t make any.


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  1. That’s a tough one. I’m pretty much perfect in every way. I guess I could stand to be less modest, though. 🙂

  2. Is that Jude or Mac Davis in the first comment?
    I spent a few years trying my best to be a standup comic back in the 80’s. I was mediocre at best, very inconsistent. It was a blast. We all wanted to be as funny as Bill Hicks.

  3. My friends, I wish I had the ability to persuade and influence people using rational thinking and logic, not innuendo, fear, and hatred; to dispense knowledge and wisdom without prejudice, drive-by thinking, and hidden agendae.
    Unfortunately, this has never been my gift.
    At least I have booming, semi-pleasant radio voice, thank God of America.

  4. I wish I could hear. OK, that’s not a talent, and I have adapted to the point where people often are surprised to learn I am deaf, but I would love to be able to hear the birds sing, and crickets chirping, and the sound of running water, and the music of violins. Even badly played ones, I expect 🙂

  5. Is this a Christmas list?
    Well, Santa, I want:
    to be able to make music
    to be able to make a 36 inch vertical jump
    to have a great public speaking voice
    to be 40 years younger
    to have nubile young ladies lusting after me

  6. I have many skills, but I can’t dance. I watch folks swirl around the floor and I just can’t do it. I see the look in the dancers’ eyes and they are happy.
    Maybe one day the Lady will give me that talent so that I can understand the joy of dance.

  7. Oh, A.
    I wish I could show you how beautiful Texas can be…take a look at Correntewire.
    And if you can whistle or hum, you can make music. Try it on the ferrets.
    (I hum, and my cats gather round to listen.)

  8. On the plus side, spinkbottle, you don’t have to live with knowing what George Dubya Bush and John McCain sound like.
    Srsly, though, the one sense I would miss the most, I think, is hearing. Music is a big part of my life.
    The talent I wish I had…languages. I took five years of German, and some of it stuck, but most of it didn’t, and I struggle with languages to this day. For somebody who loves words, not being able to understand other languages is pretty depressing.
    And A, your writing is like music. I mean that seriously–the rhythms of language can be musical when a talented writer is successful. You do that, more often than not.

  9. I also wish i could sing since i have a voice like a frog. The irony is three of my siblings were singers whereas I have the driest creakiest voice of all.

  10. as i am not a fan of being a performer, i am gonna go with speaking other languages. but then i only took 1 year of spanish. my bro took 3 years of german and doesn’t know scheis.

  11. I play violin and guitar and long ago wrote and sang my own songs. I used to perform locally, but I had such terrible bouts with stage fright I would have to get wasted just to get on stage. It was too stressful so now I just play at home. When I’m not spending all my time reading blogs, that is.

  12. Whatever talent I could ever wish for (ability to sing, play more instruments, etc.) I would gladly give to spinkbottle.

  13. I’d mostly like to be able to do math as well as I can do ostensibly math-related activities like logic and music. Also, I’d like better balance. Not even like superhuman Olympic-gymnast type balance; I’d settle for having a normal person’s balance. (Two things I hate, in order: cerebral palsy and winter.)

  14. I wish I could sing, dance, play an instrument, write fiction and poetry, draw, sculpt, paint, or do anything artistic (I can act, so I’ve got that going for me.)
    But today, what I really wish is that I had a ticket to the Philadelphia Flyers opening game tonight. Sarah Palin will be dropping the puck! I forsee myself combing YouTube in the wee hours looking for the footage.

  15. I wish I had great balance. I used to stay with friends at the beach as a kid and we would play on the rock jetties and my buddies would be hopping from rock to rock with no trouble as I went over them like a crab on acid.

  16. I wish I had a talent for managing money.
    I could start at one end of the block with 20 dollars in my pocket and by the time I’d walked to the next corner I’d have ten.
    I am a hazard with money.
    Hey! Maybe I could be one of John McCain’s advisors.

  17. Money management would be a kick-ass talent to have…and I can only wish for it and live it somewhat vicariously through my husband the statistician.
    While I’m at it, I always wanted to be a gymnastics savant. And there’s something in me that always wanted to have even a smidgen of what seems to have skipped over my generation of my family – the innate grasp of the scientific method that my parents have. I tend not to care too damn much about cause and effect, or even serious examination of the way things work on ANY level.
    God, I’m SUCH a freak.

  18. definitely the ability to speak another language… but spinkbottle does point out that we all have invaluable abilities that we don’t even think about and we need to appreciate them whilst we have them!

  19. I always wanted to have a major league fastball instead of a Babe Ruth League knuckleball. I’m actually quite musical but cannot sing and wish I could.

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