10 thoughts on “Saturday Blogwhoring Thread

  1. Hey is it possible to find the contact info for the company that does those robocalls? I’d like to send them a “peace” of my mind.

  2. “the edge of the american west” has a post up from earlier in the week about an attempted assassination of teddy roosevelt where, despite being shot he proceeded in to the hall to give a speech.
    in the post they provide a link to a 1999 article in The Journal of Forensic Sciences (pdf) that details a study of assassination in the united states. because it’s a pdf i can’t clip pertinent sections so you’ll have to go look yourself.
    bottom line, the antics of the kind that mccain and palin are engaging in are a significant contributing factor to people becoming motivated to attempt an assassination.
    here’s the link to the TR post
    and here’s the link straight through to the article in the journal

  3. I have a naked woman, the Monroe Doctrine and F. Scott Fitzgerald over atmy place if anyone wants to drop by.
    Now go outside and play with the pumpkins!

  4. Robo calls? I haven’t gotten any of them. Feel so left out of the fun. NOT!
    (Oh wait- I have a SoCal cell number and my ‘puter phone is listed for San Francisco. No wonder I don’t get robo calls.)
    BTW- Love the LOLCat pic. I’m teaching teh kittehs, most who have never seen a plant, not to eat my slowly growing indoor garden. It’s a hard row to hoe.
    Ya’s think I should get a plant like the one in Little Shop of Horrors?

  5. i am stunned! stunned, i say!
    why have these fine AP Photos videos not been posted to spread the happy obama delight here at first draft?
    it’s not just happy obama pictures, each video is AP photo coverage of obama, mccain and, i am guessing (i’ve only looked at a couple so far and they haven’t appeared), biden and palin. there is a narrator who explains the who, what, where AND, most wonderfully interesting to some, the mechanics of the pictures — how many photogs at an event, where they are located, etc. very, very cool.
    in addition to having the delight of happy obama pictures, i am looking forward to getting somewhat more of a front row seat at palin rallies, and mccain rallies. the little i’ve seen prior of palin’s rallies, they strike me as similar to religious revival meetings.
    anyway, here’s a link to the youtube search page, organized chronologically, recent at the top.

  6. well, i can now give a definitive answer on the palin/biden coverage in the AP Photos videos.
    there is no video posted for the first two weeks after palin was nominated, in one video there is a picture of biden on the amtrak train he rides and a picture of a woman’s hand holding up a tube of lipstick with an american flag as back drop.
    after looking at at least a dozen of these, i can confidently say that mccain can have no complaints about the AP.
    and obama is the best looking presidential candidate in the history of these united states.

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