Just Because You’re On My Side Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Suck

Judy Miller, thinking this buys her out of credibility purgatory:

“I was a Hillary supporter who has gone over to the Obama side,” Miller told Politico earlier by phone. “Lots of people think they know what I believe, but don’t.”

Nah, Judy honey, we know exactly what you believe. You believe in Judith Miller. You believe that above all else, your own importance is paramount. This is why 90 percent of blathering about news bias is worthless, because political bias isn’t the real problem. Self-involvement, smugness, obliviousness, laziness, those are the real problems. I don’t care if Judith Miller is a fire-breathing Obama backer in her off hours; if she sucks and lies and makes stuff up and listens to people who are trying to bullshit her without critically analyzing what they say, if she does thisdrive-by journalism where she demonizes an entire community and then never swings back around to see if she was correct, if she thinks what is most important is that she was “proved fucking right,” it doesn’t help me one bit as a person who depends upon the news for information who she aligns with politically.


5 thoughts on “Just Because You’re On My Side Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Suck

  1. Judy, Judy, Judy. Honey, we’re just not that into you.
    P.S. A, Joey sez you’re the best. Okay, he said that we’re all the best. But I think he meant you especially.
    The rally rocked. Starting with the local citycouncilman–a REPUBLICAN councilman mind you–who’s voting Obama/Biden. Biden’s best line was (paraphrasing), If John McCain really meant what he said this morning, that the campaign is all about the economy, then John, stop running those robocalls. Stop the negative ads. If it’s really all about the economy, let’s talk about the [expletive deleted] economy.
    Okay, so I added the expletive part, but it was implied. Fuckin’ a. I stood so long I’m only now beginning to feel my toes again, and I’m rather sad they didn’t stay numb. And it was worth it.

  2. puma doesn’t make anything right
    Holy cow. Are you a small-d democrat too, or just a big-D Democrat? If you’re genuinely committed to actual democracy, instead of, say, just making sure your preferred horse wins the race, you really need to stop hating on the PUMAs. Their votes are their votes to cast for McCain, McKinney, or Mickey Mouse; also to eat, destroy, burn, or use as toilet paper. That sucks, if you’re pretty committed to trying to get people to vote for your candidate, but OTOH, that’s also the (ugly?) reality.
    I’m not just saying this out of principle, either. I just watched a zillion people in my country refuse to vote because “there’s nobody to vote for,” which basically meant that all the right-wingers came out and everyone else stayed home. Thanks heaps, guys. But, OTOH, thatis the way it works, and I’ve yet to figure out how someone stupid-proofs a democracy.

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