Not That Obama’s Gonna Take Texas

But I would laugh my ass off and pop and extra bottle of bubbly if he did.

I don’t think I saw a single person turn around even as the line snaked outside the front door and into the parking lot. It’s fair to say there were well over 500 people waiting in line when I left. You could see it in their faces, they were going to wait this line out, hell or high whatever. They were there for a reason, and they would not be denied. I was thinking, yeah, these are the people who put Obama at $150 million for September, one small donation at a time.

See also RMJ.


4 thoughts on “Not That Obama’s Gonna Take Texas

  1. Oh, jeeze – get the troll spray pronto. Like Mike would know a ‘real liberal’ if it gave him a proper job and helped him with his Cheetos addiction.
    Anyhoo – as to what YOU were commenting on A, I too, will be popping the cork of a bott of Champers – I have a nice bottle of Nectar Imperial (M&C) chilling for ‘just’ the right occassion.

  2. Thirteen days, Athenae.
    That’s how long Travis held out.
    What if Texas does go blue?
    I, for one, will be overjoyed.
    But then the hard work starts, doesn’t it?

  3. It would indeed be wonderful but I’d be more than overjoyed if some of that Dem goodness would just flow downticket to Rick Noriega and we finally get rid of Cornyn.

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