Fourth And 26

I know we’re all tempted to break out the champagne glasses when we see things likethis, this, andthis, but remember: Fourth and 26.

I can hear you thinking “What the hell is he talking about?”

Well, allow me, as a Wisconsin resident, to direct your attention to the 2004 NFL playoffs, in which the Green Bay Packers went to Philadelphia to challenge the Eagles.

Late in the fourth quarter, the Eagles faced fourth down and 26 yards to go with no timeouts. There really aren’t any plays in the book for 4th and 26. Converting that down and getting a new set has what can only be described as a very low order of probability. And what happened next? Well, let’s go to the videotape:

The Eagles kicked a field goal as time expired to tie the game. And, in overtime, Favre (being Favre) threw a pick. Philly kicked a field goal. Game over, Eagles win. So let’s not get too cocky. Fourth and 26 can still happen. Volunteer, do GOTV, and, of course, vote. 

4 thoughts on “Fourth And 26

  1. The Horror! The Horror!
    But remember, PA and WI have both been named as targets for Operation Ratfuck, and they have enough electoral votes to tip the election to McCain.
    Now is not the time for complacency.

  2. On “fourth and 26”, the Packers were only up by a field goal. Obama is up by two or three touchdowns.
    Maybe the better game to point to was/is Thanksgiving 2001, against Detroit. The Packers were up 29-13 in the middle of the 4th quarter. The Lions went on a sustained drive, and got the touchdown with only 1:17 remaining. Having been down by 16, they went for, and made, the two point conversion, 29-21. Then they went for, and recovered the onside kick. With only 10 seconds left, the Lions scored another touchdown (on 4th down, a 29 yard TD pass), 29-27. Another two point conversion attempt, a pass that just missed being completed. And finally another onside kick, this time recovered by the Packers. The Lions needed a half-dozen things to go right, and nothing go wrong, to pull it out. And they almost got it.
    McCain needs to string together a half-dozen ‘wins’, each one of which is, to a greater or lesser degree, unlikely. But…

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