Make of yourself a light


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By oneself alone is evil done;
By oneself alone is one defiled,
By oneself alone is evil avoided;
By oneself alone is one purified.
Purity and impurity depends upon himself.
No one can purify another.

Buddha, theDhammapada

It’s not about Obama being a spiritual leader or a guru or a savior or a messiah. He’s not, and further, it’s dangerous to even hint at that. The folks who do, supporter and deriders alike, aren’t getting it: a mere politician can do, should do, what he’s done. It’s not even about Obama changing “our politics.” It’s about the part where we change our politics, it’s about us recognizing ourselves and our country, and our capacity to get ourselves through. When we just for a second, even, put the irony and cynicism aside, set down our fear of appearing naive, and guess what? We don’t need any of that to do this part, to take this responsibility, to engage.

This is where McCain blew it. This is the road he didn’t take, the one he can’t even see. I mean, yeah, he’s made about 8 million mistakes since then, but this is the crucial difference. His campaign has had about 8 million messages too, so absolutely devoid of discipline it is, and never once, not once ever, has it been about us, about how yes, we can, in fact, do this for ourselves.

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