8 thoughts on “Today’s Encouraging Thought

  1. Tuscan milk? Made my long-ago Star Wars-geek self think it was collected by the Tusken Raiders from free-range Bantha cows…LOL!!!
    As for your post – also, just think of McCain’s campaign’s slogan being on the back under the banner “Help find the missing dignitude.”

  2. Bwa-ha!! Thanks, Jude. You just made me smile.
    BTW, my mom got to see Obama in Fort Collins yesterday, along with 44,999 of her closest friends. She was unbelievably thrilled. Actually, she didn’t really *see* him–she’s barely 5’1″, and so there were a lot of heads in front of her. But there were three girls standing in front of her who said she ought to get to see him at least once, so they boosted her up onto their knees so she could see above the crowd. She said she saw a blur that might have been him, but she didn’t want to squish the poor girls’ knees, so she got down.
    But isn’t that just charming of those girls? They made her so happy.
    And a friend’s daughter actually got to shake his hand. How exciting!

  3. Driving thru Boise today, seen on the back window of some POS pickup truck:
    “Ok, you got me. If you vote 4 B.O. then you will be responsible for America stinking? of Socialisam”
    All punctuation and spelling errors faithfully recreated.
    I SO wish that I could have gotten a picture of this.
    It made me laugh, but at the same time, it made me sad – how f’ing stupid can you be?
    So I needed the encouragement.

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