Joe the Loudmouth Pumpkinhead


October Surprise

Maybe it’s fitting, no pun intended, that this election is in some ways a referendum on Joe the Plumber more than anything else. We all know the allegations of “socialist” (along with other Rovian smears) are just so much more tripe for the grinder, particularly in light of the financial bailout, although anyone with even a smidgen of intellect is well aware that the United States is hardly an unfettered “free market” (as if we would even WANT such a thing.)

So, Joe, to mix metaphors, has decided to milk his fifteen minutes for all he can mine from it…not being all that choosy, he’ll talk, write, or sing for both his dinner and as much dessert as the buying public will spring for. His is the American Idol meets Powerball Jackpot meets Pie in the Sky Dream…sad to say, plenty of people seem to think this is how you achieve “success.”

It’s fitting, apt, and appropriate that Joe and Sarah have hit the trail together–they’re made for each other, each having been plucked from relative obscurity (ok, Joe more than the Wasilla Wonder), both displaying a sneering contempt for anything demanding intellectual rigor (like, say, the economy and/or foreign relations), and each ddemonstrating a stunning mix of ego and arrogance. They claim a common touch, yet they reveal an expectation of privilege that’s easily the equal of the worst blue blooded snobs.

Kind of, (or, as Palin might say, kinda) like a certain Texas governor, who managed to combine the worst elements of blue blooded snobbery and redneck anti-intellecshualism into a perfect storm of executive ineptitude.

Now, Joe ‘n Sarah have managed, at least thus far, to emerge as big winners in their respective games of lotto…and gee, every once in a while I’ll plunk down a dollar and grab a quick pik or whatever they call it. But when I buy my ticket, I’m really not expecting to actually win any more than I’m expecting to get struck by lightning–multiple times–on the way home.

Likewise, most Americans can’t count on lotto, winning contests, or becoming a media darling: contrary to Governor Palin and Joe, we actually DO live in the real world. I’m lucky enough to have a decent job, while my investment “portfolio” has a grand total of a single asset–my house (full disclosure: it cost less than Governor Palin’s wardrobe upgrade.) Unlike Joe, I don’t intend to go on the lecture, country music, or book circuit anytime soon.

And, unlike Joe, I intend to vote for a candidate who, if we’re fortunate, will implement policies that benefit those of us who live here in the real world.

7 thoughts on “Joe the Loudmouth Pumpkinhead

  1. I’m starting to really question Joe.
    Started off as a plumber even though he isn’t licensed. Ends up he is also delinquent on his taxes. Yet he is now the McCain spokesperson and advisor on all matters economic and political.
    He asked a question of Obama that made the film clips. McCain repeated his name over and over. And now he is appearing at a host of McCain and Palin rallies.
    Something about this has a questionable smell to me. Am I alone?

  2. As you probably already know, McCain didn’t know if Joe happened to be in the audience or not. How can a campaign for the highest office in the world be so incompetent?
    Joe doesn’t even have a job. McCain and Palen, she is pale, are perpetrating lie after lie. It’s a damm shame this guy might be President come November 4th.

  3. “Something about this has a questionable smell me.Am I alone?”
    Maple Street
    NO! NO! No! Joe

  4. How come every time I see that chrome-domed jerk, I think of… Jeff Gannon?

  5. SP, I think you’re on to something there. The clips of him I saw today showed him looking mitely tite — not the shlub of those first clips some days ago.
    Almost as a bookend to the Naughty Librarian he now shares the stage with, Joe’s getting a reception like he’s become eye-candy fer the Hunk Admirers among the wingers — of both genders. (Way to fire up the closet-case base! As the GOP ladies all walk thru their Working Stiff/rockabilly singer fantasy. ;^)
    Those GOPers really have every marketing tool in play right now — and haven’t neglected the Sex Sells angle. (Happily they don’t seem to be working.) In any other election year, this Hot Ticket might just have turned the tide.
    But not now. Nobody gives a shit about insta-celebrities and their charms when you’re facing being homeless, or jobless, or too broke to see the doctor.

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