Poll: Obama-McCain in virtual tie in Louisiana


AWWL-TV poll shows a dead heat in Louisiana:


exclusive new WWL-TV statewide poll shows the contest for president may
be closer than many had predicted among Louisiana voters.

In the
telephone survey of 500 registered voters, conducted by pollster Ed
Renwick, Republican Senator John McCain earns 43 percent of the vote,
while Democrat Senator Barack Obama receives 40 percent. Renwick said
that amounts to a statistical tie, since the poll has a margin of error
of plus or minus 4.5 points.

“It’s closer than I thought it would be,” said Renwick, adding that the
higher the turnout, the worse it might be for McCain.

10 thoughts on “Poll: Obama-McCain in virtual tie in Louisiana

  1. Scout needs to look down the blog a half-dozen items, to where Athenae and Kevin Drum explain why – while closer than one might have expected – a 43% to 40% McCain lead is NOT a “virtual tie”.

  2. Well, us Gret Stet’ers can dream, can’t we?
    To be truthful, I don’t expect Obama to pull out a win–too many mouth-breathers/grass-eaters all over the place…but I DID see an Obama/Biden sign this evening while on Kenilworth Drive…the neighborhood here in Stick Rouge that for a while proudly displayed a “home of Bobby Jindal” at the entrance (the sign was pulled not long after someone altered it to “Booby Jindal.”)
    Obama should carry New Orleans…and might do better than expected in Acadiana…but I’m guessing North Loosiana — and the Florida Parishes (Baton Rouge east to the Pearl River above Lakes Borgne and Ponchartrain) — will vote red. Sigh.
    At least my little neighborhood (downtown) is a pocket of blue sanity: there are actually more than just a few Obama signs around here as well.
    And…to digress just a little, there’s a local bond issue that I’m hoping will pass. It’s not going to be easy, but the mayor’s very popular (and he’s a very good guy). He’s really trying to impress upon the public that it’s a good investment. And I agree.
    OK, and to digress just a little more: I’m sure hoping Obama will win…but it’s a little unsettling that New Orleans seems to be off the political radar. Sigh.

  3. It’s also what Renwick, who is one of the most respected pollsters in Louisiana, said. It’s for real. Part of that 15% are white voters who don’t want to say they’re voting for Obama or any other Democrat for Prez. The same survey shows Bush’s approval in the dumper: 27%. Louisana voted for Clinton twice. It may not happen but it makes it interesting.

  4. Robert- I couldn’t find the item you mentioned BUT I saw Kevin Drum on Rachel Maddow’s show the other night and he quoted outdated Lousiana poll data in the Senate race and couldn’t even pronounce Mary Landrieu’s name correctly. He said lan-dreaux when it’s lan-drew.

  5. “Jude wrote the post below, not me.”
    Ooops. Kudos to Jude, It’s a good post.

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