8 thoughts on “Democracy, Bitches

  1. Wow.
    More than 2 million have voted early in Texas (ends today). 2 million out of 13.5 million total. In Houston alone, it’s predicted that this will be the first time in 44 years (since LBJ) that a Democratic presidential candidate has won the majority of the vote in Harris County. Obama is up by 7 percent there over McCain.
    Also, over a million new registered voters in Texas this year!

  2. How many republicans do you know that will stand in a line for 8 hours to pull a lever for McCain?

  3. It is going to happen on Tuesday, and it has started happening already! I think I may end up crying half the night Tuesday – 3 years ago this didn’t seem remotely possible. I was ready to concede that I would never in my remaining years of life see a good president again. It is like a dream now.

  4. I just have to add: Last year, February 2007, a group of 60 of us met in a pizza house to organize for Obama. We expected about 20 to show up. Even with that big crowd a lot of the quiet talk was about just how impossible this would be. But, we decided it was better to be audacious than to give in to despair. By mid 2007 many of us, including me, burned out working for Obama, since he was obviously not even making a dent in the race. I couldn’t stand working another year only to lose again.
    Since then I have donated all I can donate, worn my Obama tee shirts at every opportunity, at least twice a week, and watched a miracle happen. Now, I don’t know what you are supposed to do when you win, so I’ll probably just cry. We old men get awfully emotional you know.

  5. Point is this: you should not have to wait eight hours to vote.
    You should not. Even on days that will be recorded in history, and will have people 50 years from now lying about voting for Obama when they voted for McCain after a ten-minute wait at their suburban precinct.
    Seriously: they’re going to poll people in January, and the number of people who said they voted for Obama is going to be much higher — 5-10% — than the ones who actually did.

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