Jersey Ponies!

Chimpy sets a new low in theFarleigh Dickinson Public Mind poll of New jersey voters.

President Bush’s approval rating in the Garden State is very low at 26% and the percent of voters saying that the country is on the wrong track increased from 67% to a new high of 71%. At the same time, the percent of voters who say the country is on the right track dipped to a new low of 18%. Similarly, the percent of voters saying that going into Iraq was the right thing dropped from 32% to 27%, erasing gains made last month in the wake of General Petraeus’ testimony before Congress.

One thought on “Jersey Ponies!

  1. Following the election results, it’s clear that Bush didn’t help the election at all of the republicans and NJ was a soundly blue state. I doubt anything is going to change 4 years from now.

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