From Whence The Ongoing Freakout Came

Reading around, I see a lot of ZOMG HILLARY and ZOMG THIS TREASURY DUDE and insta-analysis and joy or disappointment and predications about what this REALLY MEANS for the coming Obama presidency which seems like it’s in its fifth year already, is how this is stretching out. I’m almost happy the holidays are almost here, because even though I’m not done with my shopping it will give all the crack squirrels in the world something to do other than freak out about this appointment versus that one.

Part of it’s that there isn’t an Obama presidency yet. Part of it’s that there’s so much speculation about who’s gonna do what; part of it’s that we’re trying to figure out what we thought about Obama was true and what was some combination of adrenaline, alcohol and projection. Part of it’s that unlike during the campaign, we’re all just watching now. You can’t go door-to-door to get Richardson made Secretary of Commerce. Well, you can, but people will stare at you funny.

Part of it, of though, is that we’re simply not used to having a president whose intelligence and decisions we can trust. It’s not about whether you trust Obama, it’s not even about whether he’s trustworthy. Opinions on that can differ and only time will tell. It’s about whether you can be rewired to give anybody in this job the barest amount of the benefit of the doubt ever again.

I mean, for eight years we have basically had a president we were afraid was gonna sit on the button. We had this chewy little asshole who every time he opened his mouth caused an international incident, who couldn’t pick up the phone without almost burning the place down. He and his people gave us absolutely no indication we could stop paying attention for a second because if this was the shit they did while we werewatching, I mean, good God. It was like watching a guy juggle fire, and not well, and for eight years.

It’s gonna take us a minute to stop jumping every time the phone rings.


10 thoughts on “From Whence The Ongoing Freakout Came

  1. Good Point!
    It has really been getting to me that Obama’s not being given any time at all to craft his team. As opposed to a Prez that looks into your eyes and reads your soul, Obama seems to be doing some serious research and thought.
    Yet he is being criticized that he doesn’t produce a team as fast as John McCain vets his running mate.

  2. Obviously, no one know what Obama will actually DO until he is in power. I just happen to think that who he takes advice from speaks volumes about what will happen when he’s in the drivers seat.

  3. Also, why does a scumbag like Alan Dershowitz even get a say in whether or not Jimmy Carter gets to speak at the convention?!! Fuck him with Arafat’s dick.

  4. It’s really not important why Obama chose them, it’s about how these people reflect MY needs and how their potential tweaks MY insecurities.

  5. I think your diagnosis is correct. So I have decided to adopt a zen-like wait-and-see attitude. Seeing as I have no other choice.

  6. This is like sports in the worst of all ways: When there’s a lull in the action, speculation on minutia kicks in. Also, when people are bored, they start planning scenarios.
    It’s why I stop watching TV after the NFC and AFC championships are over and I don’t turn it back on a sports channel until about six seconds before kick off.
    It’s also why I want to personally walk up to every national sports hack and kick them in the balls each time they start at “LeBron to New Jersey (Brooklyn) Nets in 2010” feeding frenzy.
    Until Obama has the chance to do something (other than look at the new house) we’re going to be subjected to these things. Brace for impact.

  7. On the one hand, it is way too early to panic. OTOH, everybody mentioned is the SOS. If the only guy talking change is the guy at the top, I guarantee you it won’t happen.

  8. I agree. I feel like I’ve learned helplessness–I mean, I contacted my Congresspeople, signed petitions, wrote letters to the editor–but for the past eight years I basically felt I was telling the important people the best placement of deck chairs on the Titanic. It will take time to retrain my instincts to trust my government. But–I do trust Obama’s desire to do the right thing, and I think he is a very smart and capable guy. So–take a deep breath, let it out s-l-o-w-l-y, and sing with me, “I have to admit it’s getting better, A little better all the time (can’t get any worse)…”

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