Keepthis in mind when they start bitching about gridlock:

This is the Senate GOP that obstructed practically every major bill
that Democrats tried to bring up for the last two years. That’s not
going to stop, regardless of how many Republicans are planted in the
Cabinet or throughout the federal bureaucracy.

And you know, I’m not naive, I get that part of the reason you want to put Republicans in the Cabinet and the bureaucracy is for media purposes, but this just continues the Democratic 19th Century SOP which assumes your punditry paid attention to what was actually going on instead of whatever bullshit the Republicans were spewing on the Sunday shows about this far-left agenda of not fucking over perhaps a third of the country quite so hard.

I personally don’t care that much if competent Republicans or Republican-leaners are given jobs subject to the pleasure of the president because the president believes they can do a job well; I care very much if we go into this administration still believing — STILL — that there’s some way to appease a bully. Obama could make Mitch McConnell Secretary of Everything and he’d still be out there whining that the Communists have taken over.

The sooner we get down to realizing that reality is immaterial to these people, the easier it will be to ignore these crude and horny bastards and get down to running the country. Do whatever you want as a gesture of bipartisanship, but don’t be deceived into thinking itmeans something.


3 thoughts on “Predictable

  1. Go see the movie “The Changling”. Good movie, especially the part where the police, the “experts” and the doctors work to convince a mother that a child who is 3 inches shorter than her’s is really her child.. It reminds me of the way the right wing wants to convince us that reality is something other than what it is. I suppose we should trust them because they said, “really, this time I’ll totally be good. Those last 203 times were a fluke.”

  2. A – Absolutely right. Just once tho I’d like to see Harry Reid actually make those tired old men actually stand up and make a REAL FILLIBUSTER happen! Enuf with the threats. Bring in the telephone book and put EVERY SENATOR in their damn desk for the duration.
    I figure the ensuing blanket party will put the bullies down a few notches.
    Of course, Harry Reid has displayed nothing but a penchant to lie with the tigers when it comes to standing up for what the majority of Americans demand.
    And Pansypoo – YEP. Time for us citizens to take away one or both from these cretins.

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