31 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Cleaning mirrors and windows and polished fixtures. I’m good at doing grunt work cleaning but I get frustrated with detail work because I leave a streaky mess.

  2. I cannot empty the dishwasher. I’ll fill it, do laundry, mop floors, put on a new roof, etc. But dishes will stack up for days if I have to empty the dishwasher first.

  3. Putting away the laundry. Don’t mind washing it, hanging it (or drying it; my spouse doesn’t like her dainty undergarments in view of our neighbors for some odd reason,) sorting it or folding it. But I hate trying to find places for it in the various dressers.
    Oh yeah, and I really, really hate when I have to deal with inside-out shirts and tops, and balled-up pairs of socks.

  4. Sad to say I hate none of the house work I do.
    In fact I get paid to redo other people’s chore lists, reorganize closets, recycle their “junk” and clean their homes. I love it, all of it. And people are so grateful to be able to walk from one room to another without tripping over a pile of old newspapers (yes some homes ARE that bad.)
    That said, the one chore I do hate is shopping for anything where people are. I can shop online all day, but going to the grocery store is almost torture and forfuckingget a mall.

  5. I’m phobic about doing anything that kicks up dust, mainly because I once developed a total body rash (from dust) that required numerous doctor visits and several corticosteroid shots to clear up.

  6. Vacuuming. Untangling the cord. Tripping over the cord. Cleaning out various jams and clogs. Picking up the stuff off the rug that it doesn’t suck up.
    I’d rather clean out Rush Limbaugh’s basement than vacuum my floors.

  7. All of it, except laundry, which sucks in its own way because it’s time-consuming, but it doesn’t make me wish I were tearing out my eyeballs for fun instead of cleaning the bathtub or whatever.
    I got me two Roombas and a Scooba a while ago, and my living room, bedrooms and kitchen are cleaner than they’ve ever been. Worth a try if you really really hate vacuuming.
    Peace, V.

  8. Having to cook meals. I can do it, but I would much rather have a personal chef. I can bake goodies, but the chef can do everything else. All I want for the hollerdays…

  9. To all the vacuum haters in the house – I highly recommend those little non-powered carpet sweepers that they sell at the hardware store (Bissell @ Ace, there are others). The little brush picks up just about everything but dust in the carpet. They are 20 bucks, make no noise, have no cord and can make vaccuuming a once a month thing instead of once a week. They are great for seniors too because they are so light and easy to use.

  10. Ok. I guess I am the only one that hates to clean toilets! Especially since there are no more Vanish crystals to do a kind of bubbling wintogreen thing that made it much more fun. Or maybe I don’t like bathrooms, cuz I don’t like to scrub the tub out either.

  11. Making coffee–I hate emptying the old grounds, rinsing the pot, filling the maker–my wife and I play caffeine-deprivation chicken to see who will crack first.

  12. So how do you feel about dusting, Christine?
    I’m actually really looking hard at a Roomba, even though I know the cats will hate it. I’m just rotten at any of the housekeeping crap. Both Mr. BuggyQ and I are so busy we hardly have time to do any of it. But even when we weren’t so busy, we hardly did any of it. Neither of us likes it, so it has to get to the point of true ickiness (or somebody coming over) to get it clean. (Though we have reached a new agreement in our marriage: Mr. BuggyQ no longer gets to say I’m as bad as he is. I’m not. I’m bad, but I’m not THAT bad.)
    The Roomba might not take care of all of it, but if I could get up in the morning and walk barefoot without worrying about what that poky thing is on my foot, that’d be great.

  13. Vacuuming and mopping, both of which wrack my back. I’d really rather scrub a floor with a brush than mop it, because at least that way only my one arm hurts.

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