Reminder: 30 shopping days till Christmas

Dangerblond discusses a 2009 calendar that is sure to send a shiver up your leg and holiday sparkles throughout your home. It features a selection of conservative women wearing… well, justgo see for yourself. Then read Dangerblond’stake.

My initial reaction to the calendar was one of complete… well, let me tell you mysecond reaction to the calendar instead, because my first reaction wasn’t very charitable. My second reaction was: who wants to see a picture of a lady in fur during the summer months? That’s just uncomfortable.

18 thoughts on “Reminder: 30 shopping days till Christmas

  1. Holy God is this evil… Two thoughts:
    1) Wow! They found people of color to put in there! Two of them even… Surprised they didn’t put Star in February. Y’know, the month for “those folks…”
    2) Saw later in the calendar they featured Amanda Carpenter, which reaffirmed my sense that you need no talent or skill to be on the bandwagon these days. Friends via the industry noted to me that when she was in college she ran an anti-(her school) website that did nothing more than rant about how bad it was that the school brought in people to speak who didn’t agree with her. It got so bad that she kept trying to pick fights with the school newspaper just to get attention. The people I know who taught her had her pegged as such: self-absorbed, shallow, vain and untalented. I went back and read the cached versions of her old web page and found that, yes, she was and yes, she still is.
    And she looks scary as hell in that outfit…

  2. The perfect gift for foreclosure season. How better to count down the days until the bank auctions your home?
    Why notThe Men of A.I.G.? OrThe Studs of Citigroup?

  3. The perfect gift for foreclosure season. How better to count down the days until the bank auctions your home?
    Why notThe Men of A.I.G.? OrThe Studs of Citigroup?

  4. BTW, if you are a student they will send you up to 20 copies FREE!
    Do it! Makes a great Christmas gift for the wingnut in your life and it doesn’t cost you a dime!

  5. The LAST thing I WANT to see (and that would be NOTHING of this ilk) is a ‘snatch’ of Rethuglican “women” and their Winter Coats…so to speak.
    Talk about ‘rank’-ing repubs…

  6. Were they wearing mink? I couldn’t take my eyes off of all the make-up that they had plastered on their weird little faces like wall spackle.

  7. Also, it seemed strange that, in a calendar supposedly aimed at conservatives, one of the “women” (I forget which one, and I’m not looking through those damned photos to find out) was described as a “defender of conservative values”. Jeez, if “conservative values” are so great, why do they need defending?

  8. Gah, this isso transparent! Dangerblond’s kind of off the mark, in that she says it’s “tone deaf.” It isn’t “tone deaf,” it’s precisely calculated to sell Republicanism as synonymous with wealth, conspicuous consumption, and attractiveness (mostly from a sex-appeal point of view) to the demographic that wants to be wealthy specifically for the purpose of engaging in as much conspicuous consumption as possible (the type of people who would buy SUVs specifically to piss off environmentalists), and who believe that raising taxes on the wealthy is inherently bad because, well, one day they’ll be rich too, you’ll see! These are also the folks who really seem to believe that if they buy that beer, itwill, in fact, make them sexy, which pretty much sums up the twenty-percenters.
    It’s almost beside the point to mention that the target demographic for this calendar seems to be those fat, lightly-buttered guys who always smell vaguely of bacon fat, and who really believe that despite having antisocial, whiny, misogynist personalities and only a nodding acquaintance with personal hygiene, theydo too deserve a wealthy blonde supermodel girlfriend, because, well, theywant one, and the real reason they can’t find a girlfriend at all is because those bitches, hos and sluts only likeassholes, and they’reniiiiice guyyyys.

  9. It’s ghastly, and not just because of the fur. Dangerblonde seems to think that K-Lo was excluded because she’s not pretty enough…I would say she’d fit right in that crowd. I think I’ve never seen an uglier group of women in my life. Inside and outside, peeps.

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