Why We Fight, Reason #8,123

Watch this clip from a Fox News morning show featuring Fox News
BlondeJill Dobson doing a sort of hit and run preview ofMilk. As noted in the excellent analysis by YouTube posterLiberalViewer,
Dobson tidies up the Milk legacy, sweeping it right back in the closet
in fact, by describing the film simply as “a movie about a 1970’s
politician, Harvey Milk.” Not a single mention ofWHY
Harvey Milk was important enough to merit a biopic, and of course no
use of the word “gay,” or even “homosexual.”

Further, Dobson
dismissively glosses over the acclaim being given to the film, tossing
off the following explanation: because Sean Penn is the star and
“critics always love him,”Milk is getting positive reviews but
“it’s expected to have a small audience because it’s not necessarily going to
appeal to a very broad audience.” (Love the penetrating logic ofthat statement, Fox News Blonde.)

As it turns out, surprise! surprise!, Dobson was a bit off about theMilk box office. Even with its limited opening (36 theatres), Milk was one of the top 10 grossing films of the long Thanksgiving weekend, as noted byglaadBlog:

MILK averaged $52,627 per screen, grossing an estimated
$1.9 million. Though this may not seem like a lot of money, let’s
compare with other films that opened the same day.

The holiday romantic comedyFour Christmases brought in $46.7 million over five days, while the Baz Luhrmann epicAustralia
earned $20 million. Impressive, right? But if you look closer, those
numbers only equal out to $3,310 and $2,642 per screen, respectively.

Now do you have perspective?

Milk opens nationwide December 5.


7 thoughts on “Why We Fight, Reason #8,123

  1. This Faux News Blonde’s last name is DOBSON, and you’re surprised she’s shilling for the cover-up on the reason Milk was assassinated? You have got to be kidding me, A.

  2. Looking at the numbers, I think you pulled your punch. Not only did it gross more per screen, but it should also be compared to other movies of its genre.
    Let’s face it, an inane movie of Hannah Montana meets the Jonas Brothers would net every teenie bopper out there. In the holiday season, a feel good comedy about the warmth of the holidays would get a lot of people.
    But a political bio of a local politician who got killed in the 60s? Just on the face of it, the crowd that would be interested is a whole lot smaller.

  3. Gosh,
    Seems like a lot of expended energy to critizize someone
    for not furthering your agenda.
    Freedom of speech enables Ms.
    Dobson to pick and carefully choose remarks. So sorry she didn’t tickle your fancy. Get a

  4. Not criticizing her, “Chaz.” I’m ridiculing her and Fox and expressing contempt for them.
    I don’t expect her or her employer to “further” my agenda, but to omit the single most important thing about a historic individual is ridiculous. Had Harvey Milk not been the first openly gay elected politician, there wouldn’t have been a movie about him. To omit his significance in something as trivial as a movie preview exposes Fox News for what it is, a huckster organization shoveling a base, cowardly ideology down the throats of dimwits.

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