Pot, Meet Kettle

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The Bush White House finds Rod Blagojevich’s actions and behavior “astounding.” Okay…

And, to change the topic completely: to pass along some out-of-the-ordinary “news,” The Gret Stet has a bit of the white stuff today, and I don’t mean Peruvian marching powder (though I’m sure that could be found if one wants to look for it.) Nope, it’s a real snowstorm, the first around these parts in I’d guess about six years.

Yeah, those above the snow line might well be saying “yeah, big deal,” and personally, having done significant winter time in the Badger State, my reaction was one of grim resignation as opposed to thrill (geez–gotta brush the snow off the car–grrr…) Anyway, I took some pictures of Loosiana under the white blanket, which I’ll be posting at myown blog, if anyone’s interested. They say it’s going to melt away before the day’s out…which I don’t mind at all–though I DO mind the leak in my roof (a delayed reaction from Hurricane Gustav)…I’ll be examining that a bit more closely today from the relatively safe confines of the attic. Grrr, again.

But first, more hot coffee. Have a good one, y’all…

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