Fair Winds And Following Seas


We here at First Draft would be remiss if we did not mention the recent death of Ms. Bettie Page. Ms. Page had the guts to say, way back in the tight-assed 1950’s, that people–and especially women–shouldn’t be ashamed of their sexuality. Now that was a pretty radical thing to do back then.

And we thank you for it.

5 thoughts on “Fair Winds And Following Seas

  1. Too bad that later on in life she became a fundamentalist Christian and the ultimate spokesperson for finding your inner tightass who’s ashamed of their sexuality…

  2. You know who *really* wasn’t “ashamed of their sexuality?* the lesbian women who founded the daughters of bilitis. Betty paige was just another woman who sold the promise of her sexuality, for little money, to guys who exploited it to sell magazines to other guys. We know nothing about betty’s real sexuality or her personal life. Allowing your image to be sold for guys to wank off to doesn’t have anything to do with your sexuality, healthy or otherwise.

  3. As I strolled thru the French Quarter & the Marigny this weekend, it was nice to see so many guys wearing their Bettie Page shirts.
    Damn folks, hate much? Sure she had her problems, but she still broke ground. Thanks for posting this Jude.
    May she rest in the arms of the Goddess, may her family & friends know peace.

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