Jara Sang His Song–A Weapon, in the Hands of Love

Victor Jara, 1932-1973

Go read Bob Harris
. Do it.

And do it every day. The man has a way with words.

I actually learned about Victor Jara from a U2 song (“One Tree Hill,” quoted in the title to this post). And I’m glad I bothered to look him up. Hooray forThe Joshua Tree!

Seriously, though. Check outBob Harris’ site. And maybe buy one of his books? You’ll be glad you did.

3 thoughts on “Jara Sang His Song–A Weapon, in the Hands of Love

  1. He’s also in Washington Bullets from Sandanista by The Clash (1980).

  2. U2 has written a great song and One tree hill is a place in New Zealand, Greg Carroll was a friend and personal asistant who unfortunately died, he was very close to the band and specially to Bono. Victor Jara was a Chilean songwriter, actor and very gifted artist, he was tortured and his hands were smashed with the riffles the soldiers had during Pinochet’s dictatorship, it was 1973. The place he died was a small indoors stadium, now it carries his name.

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