Quitting Time Booster Shot

After a week that pretty much was a complete bit of wreckage (started off at the dentist, ended up with us all needing to see a doctor for some sort of weird bug), I don’t know about you all, but I could sure use the weekend. Here’s the booster shot to get us there:

– OK, after watching this, I’m never going to be able to let my kid have a clown bend a balloon for her ever again. And if that’s not amusing enough for you, try this other Durex ad.

– It was -16 out where I live this week, with -40 wind chill in the air. I left the house exactly three times in the past four days. Once to put out the garbage, once to get groceries and once on the first day of the freeze when the temperature was announced as being -13. The reason? It was the exact temperature and wind chill ofthe famed Ice Bowl game and I had to see what it must have been like. What I learned is that it’s a miracle that any of those guys lived. It hurt to breathe, it hurt to smile and it hurt to walk. The snow squeaked under my feet and refused to cling to my shoes it was so cold. My eyes teared up and then the tears froze between my eyelashes, effectively freezing my eyes shut. Bart Starr, the famed Packer quarterback, once said he got cold just talking about that game. I now understand more than I ever wanted to. Not like I didn’t respect them before, but a big tip of the cap to those guys. I get it now.

– Because there’s so much FAIL, we need a place to keep it all. Fortunately for us, we’ve got this.

– From the Duh Squared department:Here’s a pretty good look at how a blogger got the best of Best Buy. I’d argue that this woman is an innovator, but I think it’s just that retail is dumb as hell to begin with. I remember being in a Best Buy with a new credit card. The kid wouldn’t take it because the strip wasn’t signed on the back so he couldn’t verify my signature. I took the card back, signed it in front of him and presented it to him. He then completed the transaction. FAIL

I thought this stuff only happened in movies my uncle used to hide in his sock drawer… Seriously, though, what the hell is wrong with our educational system?

– And finally, look, Mr. President-elect, I’ve been telling the doubters and haters I know that you’re honest and truthful and you know a great deal. Sayingstupid shit like this isn’t helping my cause any…

Thanks for letting me share your air. Be back next Friday.


4 thoughts on “Quitting Time Booster Shot

  1. no heated turf either. that shit is hard when frozen. i BREIFLY went outside barefoot to get snow to melt it for my plants. i saw a squirrel yeserday. no birds.mo mouse tracks either. just rabbit tracks.

  2. On the student case, 13 is just **BARELY** a teenager. When I first heard about it, I was aghast and I was thinking more 16 or so.
    Add to this that we’re talking about a school policy (ibuprofen) – not a federal law, not a state law, not what would be a violation anywhere else. So the talk of “probable cause” belongs to be laughed out of court. And the possible harm – that a kid may not get a headache!
    And teachers say they are teaching their students civics and national pride.
    Otherwise, love the other items. And Pansy, I hope your walk was VERY brief 😉

  3. I always like it when the snow squeaks under my shoes. It is then I know if I am bundled up enough, it will be easy to walk. No slush, no piles of snow, no ice hidden under the snow because it has not warmed up to melt any. It is also so cold that there cannot be a lot of accumulation of snow.

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