The Cult Topic

All this talk at the Crack Den about“your campaign is a cult” really stems from a fear of passion. Whenever I go somehwere to talk about blogs and blogging, people ask what the chief thing people get from blogs that they can’t get from traditional media, and it’s usually passion I come around to talking about.

Whether it was the “war on Gore’s earth tones” campaign of 2000 or the “you’re just so angry, Howard Dean” bullshit of 2004, the pundits largely disdain people who get all het up about politics. It’s just strategy, moving pieces around the board, what this camp said to that camp, it’s all fairly bloodless to them. In their eyes, the first person to raise her voice loses the argument and I can’t even tell you how crazy that is, because honestly, the person who gives more of a shit about this is the person who’s at a disadvantage, really? We’re all supposed to be too cool for this sort of thing, too hip for the room? It’s uncouth, isn’t it, somehow, this rabble of shouting and cheering, this wholething where we actually get excited. It’s so nonconfrontational passive-aggressive, it’s so completely full of shit, but they’ve laid down the rules: You get involved, god forbid you getemotionally involved, and you’ve lost the thread.

It didn’t used to be that way. The journalists I admire most are the ones who wrote so you could hear their voices thundering in rage, the Jimmy Breslins and William Evjues and Brian McGrorys, the Miriam Ottenbergs, the people who tore up the page, such that you had to take a deep breath after reading, such that your breakfast got cold while they held your attention. It used to be a mark of excellence, the strut and power of your words. It used to be that you wrote what you wrote because something waswrong and god damn it, you were gonna scream about it at the top of your lungs until somebody was gonnado something. It used to be about a mission, fucking hell, it used to be why we got up in the morning.

What happened to that? Twenty years of shrieking that passion was bias, that advocacy was crusading, that objectivity was evenhanded treatment of assholes and insects as though their wankery mattered, but I think in large part people in media got bored, in 2000, and scared, after 2001. It became okay, in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, to refrain from talking too loud or saying too much, it became okay to tell other people they ought to shut up. Theminute that happened, all the rest of it followed, freedom fries and supporting the troops, swift-boating and spy-outing, all of it became okay because anything was acceptable so long as it didn’t happen with too much pizzazz. Wouldn’t want to draw attention. Wouldn’t want to make a splash. Wouldn’t want, for the love of God, to stand up and speak because you saw what happened to people who did that. They were called crazy. Sit down, write about how awful it is that Code Pink yelled at Donald Rumsfeld and some blogger has breasts. I hear Edwards once hired someone who swears.

So we’re all bloodless now, and along comes a reason for us to get flushed and excited, for us to stand up and wave our arms and shout and cheer. Along comes the passion we feel we’ve been missing in American life and in politics, and we throw ourselves at it like prom dates two minutes to midnight. Can you blame us? It’s not just Obama, or just blogs, where I find the thundering power and might of the righteous voice these days. It’s not just one candidate over another. It’s that for too long we’ve been told to sit down and shut up and that it’s rude to give a damn, and that isn’t living, that isn’t life, that’s not even death, not even that honest. That’s slow suffocation by superiority, that’s what that is.

We throw ourselves into it and of course it scares the shit out of people whose stock in trade is convincing us to view everything like it’s some big ironic joke. Of course it looks like a cult. What they can’t see is that the opposite — where we deify disinterest — isn’t all that far off. They accuse you of being that which they fear they’ve become.


35 thoughts on “The Cult Topic

  1. Great post. I think about passion and the other reason it scares the pundits and political journalists.
    Passion might mean armed insurrection.
    Passion means pitchforks and torches. THAT is one reason that want to remain “intellectual” and bloodless. As you said, It used to be that you wrote what you wrote because something was wrong and god damn it, you were gonna scream about it at the top of your lungs untilsomebody was gonna do something.
    And the biggest “do something”? Violence.
    There are a lot of things that they are afraid of if they showed real emotion or passion in their writing.
    First? Scorn by the “too hip for the room” kids.
    Second? Dismissal by the people who have been told that bloodless equals professionalism. Their editors want to see comparisons like: “Republicans said Blah which we know is a lie but we won’t question the lie in print,” and “Democrats responded with the truth but it’s up to you to figure out that X lied, since that’s not our job anymore.”
    They feel the need to be distanced because they have been hammered by the right with anything that looked to them like passion which implies to them a bias which implies to them subjectivity. For them it is a defensive posture (so they could avoid the screaming emails and threats to ‘cancel my subscription!’. They simply pulled back into the, “We are all professionals here, none of that heavy breathing passion for us.” mode of writing.
    By the way, you might have noticed that whenever someone has passion in their voice or doesn’t stand for the corporations they are labeled “populist”.Who is the name most often associated with populist? In my mind it’s Huey Long. Am I wrong that populism invokes Long?
    I think that they want that negative label attached to someone like Edwards who would not toe the corporate line. (or is it tow?)
    Interestingly, the persona that I have adopted is supposedly emotionless, yet as we all know, Vulcan’s DO have emotion, they just think that Logic is better for them as a civilization.
    I remember the sales manager of the radio station trying to insult me by saying my letters used emotion. I had to laugh. (See, I laughed!)

  2. Athenae
    your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to become more famous than, or at least obtain a bigger pulpit than, thisSarah Boxer person and go out and tell people what you just said in this post, among other things.

  3. A., your passion serves you well. And I am awed. Molly Ivins did that for me too. I’d read her and could hear the scorn dripping from her pen, and hear her giggling as well. She made the little hairs on the back of my neck stand up. That is a great power and you have it as well.
    An old bf used to tell me my passions were one of the most attractive things about me. Other friends have said the same things. It’s also what most annoys people abuot me as well 😛
    But please keep it up. You deserve to be widely read and esteemed.

  4. Athenae,
    your passion is admirable and your concern is laudable.
    But seriously, there has developed, in the Obama campaign, a kind of intolerance of any suggestion that this candidate is anything other than The Perfect One. It’s not the campaign’s top management, and as lambert strether of corrente has noted, the top guys are trying hard to reign it in. But it’s there, and it’s every bit as creepy and offputting — and every bit as undemocratic — as the very careful vetting of Chimpy’s crowds for his 2004 campaign appearances. It’s a “cult of personality” and it’s just as bad when it’s built around a Dem as it was when it was built around W. It’s dangerous, Athenae. That’s what Atrios — and all the other bloggers who don’t believe the sun rises and sets in the O of that “morning in America again” campaign logo — tried to point out.
    Bill came to my hometown today to stump for Hillary, and I didn’t go to see him.
    Obama’s supposed to come next week, and I won’t go to see him either.
    I am an Edwards Democrat.
    I am committed to the party that cares about people who are at a disadvantage.
    I am committed to the candidate who led us toward progressive ideals, first to last.
    I am committed to the candidate who has been outside DC and has fought against corporations — and won against corporations — and who knows that unless and until we rein down the corporate juggernaut, it won’t matter if our president is a historic figure, ’cause our president will be but a figurehead.
    I’m with Al Gore, Howard Dean, and John Edwards.
    I’m not with staying indefinitely in Iraq.
    I’m not with giving the insurance corporations seats at the health care policy table.
    I’m not with the false notion that Social Security is in crisis.
    I’m just not.
    Doesn’t mean I don’t have a passion. Doesn’t mean I can’t write with thunder in every line.
    Does mean I’m looking, not just at tomorrow, but at next week and next year and beyond that.
    I hope Obama’s supporters are looking beyond tomorrow too.

  5. I wholly agree with your points, Athenae. But I have to admit I’m perplexed bythe Jimmy Breslins and William Evjues and Brian McGrorys, the Miriam Ottenbergs as I’m only familiar with Breslin.
    Had you said Breslin, Ivins, Art Hoppe, MARY McGrory, Russell Baker, and Royko, I’d be with you all the way (I suspect this means I got old somewheres.)

  6. Hello all. I’m new to First Draft and just wanted to extend my thanks or a great blog.
    This article is spot on. We are, after all, human beings. If we are not passionate, what would be the point of anything. Passion combined with an informed opinion or perspective can only lead to progress. Where would the Women’s Rights, Civil Rights, or any movement be without passion? The assumption seems to be that if you are passionate about something you must be misguided and that your feelings will preternaturally cloud your ability to reason. Nonsense.
    Thanks all. Great article, great blog. Take care.

  7. Wonderful post, Athenae. Love the imagery and the alliteration in the “slow suffocation by superiority” line. My little addition to your superb posting: part of the reason why some people are suspect of passion and emotion is that they are upset at their own inabilities to feel and express passion and emotion so openly themselves. Personally, I think it’s rooted in a deap-seated psychological problem with self-esteem couched in a defensive, dispassionate, and stoic “rationalism.” Frankly, I feel sorry for such people.

  8. Athenae:
    It is sad that the voices of those who pine for the lost quality of journalism can come off sounding like an older generation waxing nostalgic for some piece of the past that never really was. Too often the words fall on deaf ears; minds conditioned to screen out meaningless homages to olden days. It is sad because your observations are true. Journalism as it once existed is largely dead.
    The passion that existed, in print and on television, was the product of wanting to communicate the depth of events as they occurred, an understanding of why they happened, and a sense of what they might mean. Journalism then sought to put the reader/viewer fully into the events being covered, a participant. Journalism today, it seems, places the reader/viewer as an observer, and a dispassionate one at that. For more than a generation we experienced less connection with lives and issues of others different from us, and as far as the information we were provided to base our civic decisions on, we have been given the trivial (earth tones) and denied the substance.
    This change, this decline, has been driven by the institutions of journalism: television, newspapers, magazines, etc. Money, naturally, is a cause for much of this decline. The internet has provided a forum to communicate outside of these institutions, and the qualities that infused journalism of old are evident here and on many other sites. One of the qualities I have missed most was the sense that the writers/reporters wanted you to know the whole truth. The sense of searching for the whole truth, and sharing the journey and findings, is evident on the web. And as more people discover this they turn increasingly to the web for information.
    I think the web is also largely responsible for comfort we have gained in seeing the free expressions of opinions and passions, and well informed ones at that. Over time I think this is making us more confident in expressing ourselves freely. This is something I, and many others unintentionally denied ourselves for too long after 9-11. In political terms I greatly respect Obama’s willingness to openly oppose the Iraq war because I can vividly recall the accusations that were made against those that did, and my willingness to keep my mouth shut rather than risk making business, social or family settings uncomfortable. Perhaps if the web and netroots community were then what they are now I might have done differently. Obama is not perfect, but for me, he was in the right place of history speaking against the Iraq invasion, and his positions and ideas on whole have consistently, and, I submit, more genuinely, aligned with the progressive agenda.

  9. Okay, let me try this again.
    Dan Rather set the standard for passionate reporting. Didn’t matter if he liked what he saw or not. Didn’t matter if getting the story was easy or not (hurricanes, helicopters, and getting slugged on the Dem Convention Floor in Chicago are not the sorts of things you do if you want to be known for your neutrality and your dispassion!). Didn’t matter if the Beltway insiders were going to laud him or not once the story aired.
    We let him down, America. We let that bunch of cretinous corporatist censors at FreeRepublic.Com smear him.
    We’ll do the same to Keith Olbermann one of these days when he says something too many rightards consider treasonous.
    It’s cheaper to do that than to do the right thing.
    It’s easier to do that than to hang onto the truth.
    In a similar vein it is much easier to fall in with a happy-talk group than it is to realize that we have problems we’d rather not examine in the daylight, let alone work on with the requisite labor and effort to actually solve them. It’s much easier to jump on a bandwagon and cheer for a personality than it is to soberly examine the needs — particularly the ones deliberately kept off the front pages lest the stock margin dip on the strength of a rumor — and deliberately consider the steps to answer those needs, knit up those raveled sleeves of care, bring a strength and a solid foundation back under the dangerously neglected national infrastructure and put a cold hard stop to the economic voodoo.
    This is why the Democrats let John Edwards down — he reminded us that far too many of us are a paycheck or a car wreck away from destitute, in a land of plenty. His solutions demanded that we not just grin and wave, but consider and reflect, think and work, consciously change not just our putative image and our popular figurehead, but our whole approach to the issues.
    And being a passionate person I resent the hell out of being told that I should shut up and go along with Obama because he is the Perfect One.
    That’s what we were told about George W. Bush, twice.
    Enough bullshit. Enough personality-worship. Enough gloss and glitter and high rhetoric and “feel good for a change” yapping.
    It’s going to take somebody with brains and guts to bring America back where she belongs, and it’s going to take somebody with the intestinal fortitude to investigate, prosecute, and sentence the evildoers who have led us down the “feel good for a change” path for the last seven years to start that process. We didn’t get into this fouled-up state in one election or even one year; we’re not going to get out of it with a high-falutin’ speech and a happy hand-wave, or even two.
    It’s going to take work.
    You want the world to know how devastating a hurricane is? Tie yourself to a tree, or hire a helicopter pilot to fly you into the storm. Show the world that the forces of nature — and the forces of evil, which you reveal by directly confronting Presidents with hard questions from the White House Press Briefing Room, from the anchor desk, from a Special Comment — need not devastate our nation without being witnessed, understood, opposed, and, ultimately, overcome.
    Or you could make yourself feel good for a change and vote in Obama.
    It’s up to you.

  10. The Other Sarah – What makes you think that we who would vote in Obama aren’t prepared to work hard to fight against injustice? What makes you think that feeling good is antithetical to being committed to doing all the things that you (and all of us) find important?
    Who is telling you to shut up and go with Obama? No one here that I’ve heard. I say to you, stick with your principles and your fight. It’s good for all of us. But what Athenae’s post is about is not to tell you what to do, it’s to tell those like you to lay off the “personality cult” claim against those of us who not only like that Obama makes us “feel good” but who also believe that, when you look at what each candidate proposes, Obama’s plans demand that hard work you think is required.
    What you resent is enthusiasm about Obama, not that Obama enthusiasts are browbeating you to fall in line behind him. As far as I see, no one is doing that. You interpret the simple expression of enthusiasm about Obama as a commentary on your support for Edwards. Not only is that wrong, but it’s also tinged a bit with mean-spiritedness. I don’t know of any Obama supporters who also don’t deeply admire and respect John Edwards, too. I don’t see any Obama supporters implying that Edwards supporters are somehow pathetic sentimentalist airheads.
    It seems to me that you resent something that really only exists in your own minde: i.e. that Obama supporters are armtwisting you. But, speaking of resentment, let me tell you that what I and others resent is captured in the last sentence of your most recent comment above: “Or you could make yourself feel good for a change and vote in Obama.” That last comment drips with condescension towards Obama supporters. It is insultingly patronizing in that it implies a lack of critical thinking among Obama supporters who you think could only support Obama for the “feel good” reason. It’s the kind of comment that I never see Obama supporters make (we’re too wrapped up in “feeling good” to say such mean-spirited things about our fellow progressives). But it’s a comment that, unfortunately, is becoming more and more readily made by disappointed cynics like you.
    Should he win the nomination, I’m definitely going to vote for Obama. And I’m going to “feel good,” too. And I’m going to “feel good” about the Obama candidacy even if he doesn’t win the nomination. I’m very much at peace with this. It seems to me, though, that what isup to you is not who you vote in or how good this makes you feel, but rather how you decide you are going to treat “inspired” Obama supporters like me.

  11. Due to the fact that our government has been overrun by criminals, I believe that a lot of otherwise non-political people have come out of the woodwork. This could have the potential to be a good thing. (There I go being optimistic again, oh well.)There may be several reasons for this. One, the corruption has gotten so bad that they are finally waking up (that may be wishful thinking on my part but I believe it’s relevant). Two, this election campaign has been going on for a long time and for better or worse (both is my vote), politics are “cool” again.
    Either way these people are attracted to blogs because they get to participate (I use that term lightly of course) in the discourse. I’m all for freedom of speech but some of the participants in this dialogue come to the table without critical thinking skills or any kind of self-motivated research. There are several scenarios that have been played out as a result.
    The first and probably most damaging is the non-substantive ad hominem attacks on other bloggers, the candidates, and whom ever has the misfortune of reading such posts. They pick a team and the work is done as far as they are concerned. This contributes absolutely nothing to the process of examining the candidates in the decision making process. Having spent a lot of time reading progressive blogs I can say without hesitation that BOTH campaigns have attracted such people.
    The second is the echo chamber/parrot/”yeah what he/she said” effect. Consensus reached by no research or critical examination of their choose leads the amen chorus groupthink that ceases to bring anything useful to the discourse. This scenario is most clearly played out on blogs that have chosen a particular candidate. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that blogs aren’t aloud to support a candidate but it does attract a certain type of person.
    I think that anyone who knows better understands that these type of posts are inevitable given the nature of having comment sections on blogs. Anyone who doesn’t see these posts for what they really are should take another look. To assume that all supporters of a particular candidate participate in some sort of “cult” behavior is dubious at best.

  12. wow not enough coffee yet…”I’m not saying that blogs aren’t aloud” *allowed

  13. I’m voting for Obama because Edwards dropped out, and I am more impressed with Obama’s ability to campaign (ground game, for example, and fundraising) than Hillary’s. That suggests to me that Obama has the organizational ability, the ability to inspire (yes, that’s important, too), and the ability to choose subordinates well and delegate to them effectively. All things I want in a president.
    If anybody wants to talk to me on that level, I’ll listen. All the rest is noise–on BOTH sides.
    That said, I honestly haven’t seen that much Obamamania at a level that I think we need to be concerned about. I was pretty passionate about Kerry four years ago, as were a lot of others, and I didn’t see anybody pulling the “personality cult” card. Ditto Al Gore, ditto Bill Clinton back in the day. So why now with Obama? Because a bunch of kids who’ve never gotten excited about politics before are going ga-ga for him? GOOD FOR THEM!!!! I’d much rather see them going overboard in their passion for him than staying on the sidelines.

  14. I think, BuggyQ, that The Other Sarah and jay_f aren’t harshing on the kids as much on the agent provocateurs that have infested the blogs of both standing Democratic candidates with ignorant-sounding (but well-targeted), high-information voter-baiting invective. These agents aren’t the kids; they’re trying to tamp down the passion *themselves*, by mimicking the worst possible examples of online exuberance. Like those phone calls to a white Democratic voters using a black male voice, examples of voter behavior reaching into our hindbrains can suppress voter participation.
    To quote jay_f: “The first and probably most damaging is the non-substantive ad hominem attacks on other bloggers, the candidates, and whom ever has the misfortune of reading such posts. They pick a team and the work is done as far as they are concerned. This contributes absolutely nothing to the process of examining the candidates in the decision making process. Having spent a lot of time reading progressive blogs I can say without hesitation that BOTH campaigns have attracted such people.” Before this campaign, did Digby ever attract flames from people purporting to be Democrats? Did other blogs ever have to shut down comments because partisans for *Democratic* candidates couldn’t stop penile comparisons? Things can get hot when Freepers invade, but their rhetoric can be ignored or dismissed. These are different attacks, and since the Republican campaigns have wound down, it’s no stretch to assume that oppo resources have been freed up, to use on us.
    Look, the blogs I read aren’t frequented by a lot of strangers; I recognize the handles in the comments, and I understand their opinions, even when as in this thread, they might differ, respectfully, from mine. But recently, once Edwards dropped out, it’s been an infowar of negative voter suppression, with so many flames happening in once passionate-but-rational spaces that I can only conclude that there is a deliberate effort to check the power of the blogosphere by turning it into an Usenet sewer. Note that no one’s been disrespectful, here. Just wait, Athenae; before long, someone overreacting will post, and it will start here, too.
    I don’t care if someone right now wants to vote for Clinton or Obama; I do care that we criticize their lack of commitment to progressive principles as throughly as possible, before either one of them gains the nomination. Clinton has had decades of criticism on her policy views; I want any competitor for the Democratic nomination to give substantive answers to my concerns. If one of these competitors is Obama, and I ask him or his representatives those questions, am I a bad person?

  15. Okay, I know I’m way in EPU-land (because I wanted to think this one over), but I’ll respond anyway. I really hope, cgeye, that I didn’t come across as hassling jay_f. I decidedly agree with jay_f, certainly in the hope that we could avoid the “personality cult” attack. It seems to me that that attack in itself strays into the land of “agent provocateurs.” Let’s not judge the candidates by the looniness of a few of their supporters.
    That said, I didn’t particularly like The_Other_Sarah’s post, precisely because it seemed to be doing just that–judging the candidate (and his supporters as a whole) by the actions of a few. And I really dislike being told that I’m being snowed by “happy talk” because I’ve given my support to Obama. If I’ve misinterpreted her words, I apologize. But I, and I suspect many, many others, came to support Obama through a long, rational, sober, considered observation of his policies and his campaigning ability. Is he perfect? Hell no. Do I wish he was The One? Absolutely–an ability to dodge bullets (both metaphoric and, sadly, real) would be a great asset. But in spite of his shortcomings, I feel comfortable in backing him. That support is not unconditional, nor is it irrevocable. I am equally comfortable holding his feet to the fire with regard to progressive issues.
    It seems to me that much of what has been going on in this thread is exactly what you’re talking about, cgeye–overreaction. Just because I declared my support of Obama doesn’t mean I think those who criticize him are bad people. I’d just like to see that criticism be substantive, as opposed to the personality cult canard.

  16. I respect that.
    But what you consider overreaction in this thread is nothing compared to what I have read at Eschaton, Hullabaloo, Corrente, even at Avedon’s joint. I hope it stays that way, and we can reason through this election together, even when we disagree.

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