Inauguration Day Crack Van


Thanks to all who rode along for the past eight years.

Yes We Did!


Arright, peeps. Say goodbye to President Bush (punch3, grizzly, chainsaw) and hello to President Obama (applause, kitten, kids-yeah) in the van. Please be nonviolent. Virgo will be your guest driver for much of the day and I’ll check in when I can.

Posts in the van belong to their posters, not to Jude, Scout, Athenae or the regular guests, who are not responsible for anything not said by them personally. Any leftover scotch will be fed to the ferrets. This time wipe up the messes before I get home.


2 thoughts on “Inauguration Day Crack Van

  1. I love the Crack Vaginas!!! 🙂 (for the uninitiated: that moniker is a bastardized form of “crack vanigans”)
    Let’s rock this country and indeed the world!!! 🙂

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