Michelle Goes the Extra Mile of Asshole

So here’s how the story works.

A guy was involved in a house-flipping scheme.

For which he was sentenced to probation recently, and has to pay government restitution.

Said guy also lost his home and family during the flooding of New Orleans, and was struggling to rebuild, and had gotten some time in the public eye because of said efforts.

If you’re anybody with a lick of sense you’re reading the above thinking, hmm. The one has nothing to do with the other.


Probation for defrauding the government during a massive disaster? Yeah, I’d say he’s “done well.”

At which even the collection of mentally stunted who hang out at her place cry foul:

Sorry Michelle, but I’m not seeing where his fraud is related to Katrina. The first paragraph states that he took part in the fraud before Katrina. The wrongdoing was admitted last year, not committed then. It seems like a coincidence that it took place in new Orleans in the midst the Katrina aftermath.

It also says he’s been helping with the investigation and he’s gone through drug-rehab. Maybe the trauma of the storm, in which he lost his mother and a granddaughter, prompted him to turn his life around.

He’s also still being considered for the house, they were waiting to see what happened in the case first.

I think you’re way off base here. Yeah the guy did wrong, but I think he was a small player in a much bigger scheme. He got caught, he admitted it, he’s not blaming Bush or anyone else, and he seems to be turning his life around.

But this is not logic. This … is … MALKIN!

(Sorry, it was there.)

Hat tip to Scout.


3 thoughts on “Michelle Goes the Extra Mile of Asshole

  1. Why did you make me go there????
    Of course that comment was only one of two that got it. Then there was this:
    “Where has the 2 billion of our tax money gone. What was it spent on, who spent it, who over saw the distribution of these funds. How has Mayor Nagins bank account grown. And most important has anyone gone to look at the levees lately.
    After all it was the levees that broke and not Katrina that caused the flooding of the cesspool known as New Orleans.”
    This one got the fact that it was the levee breaks that caused the flood..not Katrina..but still managed to miss The Point.
    Plus this–does Malkin’s software not acknowledge leap years? Or did this post go all of Friday with no response?
    (We’ll not even touch on the Baroni matter of “looting $120 from the U.S. Navy during a time of war” and getting 366 days in jail. (Oyster) Because when Republicans loot the taxpayers, suddenly it’s not “Our Money” they’re playing with.)

  2. Contractor Fraud is not being prosecuted in LA.
    The A/G and the D.A. tell people to report all Contractor Fraud to the The LA Licensing Review Board yet the board does nothing but implement fines & profit from the fines.
    They do not REPORT felony crimes to authorities.
    They do not assist the victims in any way.
    Other states help the victims in civil and criminal but not LA.
    The Inspector General said they do not have the resources to investigate the Contractors Review Board.
    The Attorney General does not want to prosecute.
    The D.A. does not want to prosecute.
    They say an Impostor, posing as a licensed/insured Contractor is
    not a criminal matter. lol what is criminal in Louisiana?
    That $90k in Jeffersons freezer did not belong to me or you
    but Road Home’s buy back plan means that Road Home bought back your neighbors property with their own grant money.
    Is Nagain a silent partner in Road Home?
    $900 million to give out money?
    Seems none of the departments in the city work.
    Ever try to get them on the phone?
    So many on America’s Payroll and no one wants to work.

  3. I would like to know how & why the USA allows Insurance Companies to insert a HURRICANE DEDUCTIBLE into a HOMEOWNERS POLICY, and even offer to waive this added deductible for additional premiums…

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